UPDATE: Gay Pride Month Resolution Passed by County Board

UPDATE: The resolution passed on a voice vote.

From We the People McHenry County:


UPDATE: Gay Pride Month Resolution Passed by County Board — 47 Comments

  1. This is the biggest issue in McHenry County pander to 1% of the constituency that is trying to groom young children? Will they get a parade too? What a joke.

  2. Screw the whole Queer movement. Go back in the closet and quit trying to normalize your perversion.

  3. barf…with you Constituent!

    Where is law enforcement?

    This is the time to be in the room in mass numbers!

  4. If it was Joe’s idea it is probably because he is suffering from the white privilege he was brought up in and is of the age that he doesn’t care anymore because he knows his clock is ticking.

    Old and bold.

  5. Bull Feces!

    Tired of having it shoved down my throat.

    Excuse the pun Linda Lovelace.

  6. Illinois Legislature writes, passes bill on toilets.

    McHenry County asked to have a month designated for certain persons having unique attributes.

    Why? Why is this necessary?

    Why not then each of the other 11 months designated for various kinds of attributes of humans?

    What might Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec be designated for?

    Are there enough months?

    Would we have to designate Weeks?

    Week 1, 2, 3, etc.

    If not enough weeks, then days of the year from number 1 to number 365.

  7. On agenda tonight at McHenry County Board meeting was a resolution to have the month of May as motorcycle awareness month.

    What about those who value and love their pickup trucks?

    What month should be named for that very large population of McHenry County who have pickups and like them?

    How shall we honor pickups?

    How about snowmobiles, snow machines?


    What about people, a huge majority who have dogs in their homes?

    What would be a good month to recognize Man’s, and Woman’s and Boy’s and Girl’s best and loyal friends no matter what?

    Loving, loyal, friendly, protective, non-political?

  8. Why would anyone vote to proclaim a “special month” for a tiny minority group of any kind??

    I would hope the County Board has more important things to do.

  9. Homosexuality is a mental and spiritual disorder.

    Nothing to be proud of.

  10. More virtue signaling from the usual suspects who seek the approval of people
    who are just as mentally ill and perverted as themselves, it’s just that simple.

    All together now – LET’S GO BRANDON!

  11. Yea and after the Board helped Stonewall they spent time as Warhol Superstars and toured with Wayne County and the Electric Chairs…..before urging their Congressmen to pass The Defense of Marriage Act which Clinton signed…..

    Virtue signal much there Board?

  12. Poopcorn is further proof, that the gay movement has morphed into a pretend to be cool fantasy camp, for the most uncool people imaginable.

  13. Let’s see which rats and rinos voted for this horrid crap.

    I will never vote for Buehler again.

    And that’s final.

  14. Board then celebrated with impromptu chorus kick line, singing ‘Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay’, then applied for National Historic Landmark status.

  15. Voice count?

    So they can hide?

    Should have demanded roll call vote!!

    Say bye bye to freedom and God and hello to mental disorder evil sickos and pretender genders playtime.

    Protect your kids!

  16. Koziiol, there’s nothing wrong with Buehler.

    If he didn’t include it on the agenda they would’ve held a special meeting.

    BTW Terry Greeno is the only Real Republican on that board.

    She walked out.

    The rest of the go alongs and nutless wonders not only voted for it but voted to amend it to Lou Ness’ version of “I’m a lesbian and a victim’ bullshit.

  17. Most public bodies are required to honor agenda items that a requisite number of Board members approve.

  18. There’s everything wrong with numbnut Buehler.

    Just look at him!

    Where’s the vote?

    Did Joe-Joe Gottemoller betray us once again?

  19. When is normal & straight month…?????

    Enough celebrating queers and sickos

  20. G-Man – stop ruining the narrative. That’s not true in their world.

  21. Joe got elected for four more years. If he decides to run again or if still alive, he knows you will long forget about this measure. I mean, c’mon, you just voted him back in despite your bravado keyboard threats.

  22. There are many closet homo’s in McHenry County government positions including the grabbing their ankles position. I’m sure those ‘Clay Bertrand’ type parties where they dress up as women and dance around in a conga line are a regular ‘must’ event. Take a ganders at your local politicians in your town for confirmation.

  23. Look, I’m the guy that proposed a Va-Va-Va-Voom Month, where we would celebrate everything from those 50’s 10″ pointy Queen Bee’s the gals were sport’in, to today’s Scarlett Johansson Avengers beatdowns.

    And all my efforts are met with ridicule, so quit complaining.

  24. they will not be voted back in for sure! can you say deviates…

  25. Provide me the names and I’ll put them up.

    I did not listen to the meeting.

  26. If I find out this goofy Boards proclamation, has anything to do with Oscar Meyer announcing today, that their changing the ‘Wienermobile’ name to the ‘Frankmobile’.

    There’s going to be serious consequences, resulting in the most important case in the annals of Caucasian legal disputes.

  27. People want to live this lifestyle, this is America; that’s their choice.

    But they have no right to expect anyone to agree.

    The government, including the County Government, has no right to “call upon (anyone) to embrace this principle.

    Am I prejudiced?


    I don’t like liver.

    I don’t like white cars.

    And I don’t believe that the LGBTQ+ community is deserving of the same respect as heterosexuality.

    Ask yourself a simple question: do you owe your existence some guy inseminating another guy in his anus?


    We all owe our existence to heterosexual interactions.

    We fail to properly dignify our own existence when we fail to give that relationship due respect.

    And we can’t do that while claiming LGBTQ+ is deserving of equal dignity.

    It’s not.

  28. 100 percent Correcting validation on this issue. I warned Cal and his readers EXACTLY what would happen back in FEBRUARY when flag policy itself was the issue of a county resolution. This is what I wrote:


    -Line 5 should have been removed completely or just shortened to no ceremonial flags may be displayed.

    -At one point Mike “Shorty” Shorten began bringing that up. A few other members expressed that was their preference but the 2/3 was a actually compromise – no surprise this “compromise” was not good enough for Democrats anyway, as no compromise is ever good enough and they have no interest in negotiating with Republicans, and none of the Democrats ended up supporting the 2/3 requirement.

    -Beuhler told Shorty he was out of order in a polite way. At that point they were discussing an amendment that would have made the flag flying a simple majority which is what the Dems wanted.

    -The amendment to make it a simple majority was defeated, and then rather than going back to Shorten’s suggestion to strip the government of the ability to fly any special interest flag, the board went right into voting on the original resolution with the 2/3 language.

    -Beuhler did not go back to Shorty to bring up his earlier suggestion and Shorty did not speak up. Huge mistake.

    –By making it a 2/3 majority, true it is more difficult to fly any ceremonial flag but it is still possible and this is going to come back and hurt Republicans who did not think this through. If their intent is to not fly special flags, why not just say you don’t want special flags? If they’re afraid of the controversy surrounding votes on specific special interest flags, having a 2/3 majority really does nothing to assuage that. It may still come up and you’ll still have to take an up or down vote. And, in the past didn’t all of the Republicans support the Pride flag anyway? If they were afraid to vote no before because of political backlash, you’re trying to tell me they’re all of a sudden going to vote no when there is a 2/3 instead of a simple majority requirement? It doesn’t make sense. It was not well thought out.

    They should have just gotten rid of ceremonial flags period. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about these cultural battles because it would have been settled and they’d have a convincing argument that does not appear bigoted or mean-spirited for their voters. “We’re just not going to fly non-gov flags on gov property.” It could have been so simple!


    That resolution absolutely was a compromise, no matter what Jeff Thorsen says. The bill was literally described as a compromise by its own proponents!! Listen to the tape of the February meeting. It was obviously a compromise between those who wanted the simple majority rule and those who wanted to get rid of special flags altogether (2/3 approval is a higher threshhold than majority but it wasn’t so strict as to completely get rid of special flags, so yes it was a compromise) and one I TOLD YOU would give YOU, as Republicans, NO political points and would HURT you in the future! I PREDICTED the gay flag issue, as a result of you not totally clamping down on these special interest flags, would come back and that it would pass, so what was even the point of the action in February? Now you lost political capital with liberals for trying to raise it to 2/3 and now you get to lose capital with conservatives for not having the guts to say no to the flag.

    Here we are now and my comment was spot-on. (Voice vote by the way means the people didn’t even have to go on record — and they just approved the gay flag anyway so what the HELL was the point of raising the threshold for special flags to 2/3 and they don’t even have a roll call on the gay flag question???)

    So, na na na na na na.

    Two choices, retards. Listen up.

    You can listen to ME.
    you can be wrong.

    That’s it.

    I was right again, Cal!

  29. Why?? What purpose does such a resolution serve??

    I would support Mr. Hanlon’s proposal to add pro-life and unborn month resolutions.

    Then in September add a resolution supporting elimination of FOID cards.

  30. Will Sager or Haig be leading the ‘Grand March’ as both are a bit light in the loafers? IMO

  31. I am happy they approved this.

    The comments in this blog have been disgustingly prejudiced, intolerant,privileged, hypocritical and disrespectful. To say the least.

    If they do not understand why the flag is needed and what it means than nothing I share will probably help them to comprehend.

    Please learn to love your neighbors and be respectful to people you may not understand.

    McHenry should be a safe space for everyone and I hope it can be.

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