Stark Criticism of DCFS At Ness-Reick Town Hall Meeting – Part 1

Except for six young women from Prairie Ridge High School, a Town Hall Meeting initiated by State Rep. Suzanne Ness and attended by State Rep. Steve Reick, was sparsely attended.

Suzanne Ness introducing the Town Hall Meeting on DCFS.

Only thirteen were in attendance, and that included two who were going to write articles.

But the number of people at the Saturday Crystal Lake event was not an indication that the subject under discussion was not important.

Failure of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services was the topic.

My expericnce goes back to 1973 when Governor Dan Walker brought in an outsider.

He lasted two years to be replaced by attorney Mary Lee Leahy, one of Walker’s strong supporters, best known for the anti-patronage Supreme Court decision against Governor Jim Thompson.

The Department has remained in virtual choas since then.

The difference now–since AJ Freund was killed by his parents in Crystal Lake four years ago–is that critical legislative mass may be developing to improve the child welfare agency.

Steve Reick

Indeed, Reick revealed that the department has “become almost my reason for being in Springfield” since AJ’s body was found buried about a mile from his house.

As he has concentrated on DCFS he has become to go-to guy on the Republican side of the aisle for those with DCFS problems.

“I’ve become the DCFS Whisperer.”

Reick explained that improving DCFS is not a partisan issue, that every legislator has problems with the department.

Ness said the goal is to “bring it back to its core mission of protecting children.

“DCFS is an agency that has way too many chiefs and not enough Indians.”

A recent run-in with DCFS over licensing a day car center has led her to believe the function belongs elsewhere.

After AJ’s murder, Reick said he pretty much wanted “to blow it up.

“Finally, after four years of banging them over the head, we’re finally at the point where they are listening to us.”

He pointed out that Democrats and Republicans are “joined at the hip at what needs to be done.”

He told of one committee hearing in Chicago at which one testifying waited around until all members of the public had left and then admitted the public testimoney had been a lie.

Specifically, the employee said, “Everything wet old you at that hearing was wrong.”

“Behind the scenes we’re getting phone calls and emails from parents, but also from employees,” Reick revealed.

The contacts are coming from all over the state.

“We’re starting to see movement.

“I think we have reached the point where the folks in the agency don’t think we are the enemy.

“I haven’t been as optimistic in the four years I’ve been working on this as I have in the last six months’

Ness pointed to the paucity of doctors who specialize in child abuse–just thirteen in the entire state.

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More tomorrow.


Stark Criticism of DCFS At Ness-Reick Town Hall Meeting – Part 1 — 17 Comments

  1. What is happening with the 2 DCFS people that were charged in the death of AJ?

    4 years…

  2. blahblah, yet that ahole who could have prevented this is still getting a check!!!

    how about firing’em? !

    there is a start!

  3. Has there ever been an Illinois institution more thoroughly skinsuited than DCFS?

    It remains exactly the same.

  4. Maybe if they spent less time micro-managing what birthday treats can be brought into day-care centers, they might have more time to stop children from being murdered by their parents?

  5. Has the Supreme Ct leaker been ID’d yet?

    Will Madigan ever stand trial?

    Will Hunter pay for his crimes?

    Will vegetable President go through another eleven Depens in one day?

    Will Pam Althoff be charged?

  6. Why would Reick agree to be seen with that witch?

    People ask.

    I tell them they are both atheists, crooks, grifters, libtards, libs and schemers.

  7. Let me get this straight..

    Ness is concerned about the DCFS mistreating children but supports and votes to have 35000+ children in Illinois per year sucked from a woman’s uterus with a medical grade vacuum and ran through a medical grade food processor to destroy them?

    Give me a break.

  8. Really Monk? What was ruled on in AZ this week? What have you learned about mass signature verification with no review? Cameras are funny things aren’t they? Nevermind. You’re just a clueless troll.

  9. Why don’t you tell us, JT?

    She started off last week with hefty sanctions and fines from the court for misstatements of fact (lies).

    She’s off to a great start.

  10. The above link from “ProfessorPlum86” is incorrect. The two islands were owned by Epstein and now sold to a developer for a resort.

    Biden does not show up as an owner of either, historically or now.

    You’re as bright as Dilbert’s boss.

  11. Tough subject with AJ as the topic and out of respect for this young man’s memory perhaps more credible and non ambulance chasers looking for a political angle for themselves need to do the talking.

    Held in CL I’m surprised Haig Halibut wasn’t one of the thirteen attendees but probably had a prior commitment at a ‘Clay Bertrand’ type party with buddy Sager that evening.

  12. It is too bad that you cannot see goodness in their efforts to improve DCFS.

  13. It’s too bad they can’t see the goodness in anyone or anything.

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