Another “Free” for All Bill Passes General Assembly

NBC reports

“The ‘Healthy School Meals For All’ legislation would provide state funding to Illinois schools to improve their offerings of healthy meals, while maximizing use of an existing federal program.

“Advocates say the expansion of free meals for all students both combats hunger and helps reduce the stigma students often face when qualifying for free or reduced lunch programs.”


Upwards of $200 million per year.


Another “Free” for All Bill Passes General Assembly — 17 Comments

  1. This is Communism at work.

    200 million dollars so little Johnny dipshit doesn’t get stigmatized.

    Rise up.

  2. Well the illegal Mexican must eat breakfast and lunch someplace gratis.

    Don’t forget the snack in between.

  3. Would be great to see data on which vendors provide this “free” food and who they are connected to.

    Also, have to ask just how much of this “free” food gets thrown out at the end of the day ?

  4. I’m among the staunchest supporters of “carry your own load in this world” but research has proven inadequate nutrition leads to poor learning.

    Among the LAST things this country needs is more poorly-educated adults (which malnourished children will eventually become).

    “Poor parenting” is among my pet peeves but penalizing children for the inadequacies of their parents doesn’t seem fair, proper, just or smart.

  5. So, the illegals get transportation, phone, healthcare, schooling, housing and now, food.

    Certainly, by pointing this out suggests that I am a racist, white nationalist.

    Okay, got it.

    How is it that those citizens here legally do not get many of these free items?

    When does the revolt actually begin?

    Quick, look, the wheel of fortune is on TV, I heard it’s a good one. zzzzzzzzz

  6. My free Dirtbikes and Tequila for illegals program, will work on reducing the numbers, if you’d just give it a chance.

  7. The headline says “Free For All” which includes U.S. citizens.

    Does anyone really want to penalize our own fellow citizens?

    Before anyone accuses me of being a bleeding heart liberal, I agree resources should first go to homeless U.S. citizens especially Veterans.

  8. Al, you can invite and feed all the inner city feral brats and illegal alien invading kids you wish ON YOUR OWN DIME.


  9. We need healthy meals for children to protect them from the many predations (effects) of hunger.

    We need to publicly fund (publicly fund) the murder of children for the good of society.

    We need to promote the trafficking, victimization and murder of children by publicly funding public organizations which will do this.

    We need to allow for any kind of immigration (illegal or legal) because there aren’t enough children being produced in Illinois to replace population, provide a stable workforce or support the public programs in place.

    We need to not reform immigration law but provide public benefits for everyone without regard for Citizenship.

    We need to allow felons (those who have shown zero proclivity for building any community) and illegals (those with zero loyalty or investment in the USA) to have the highest honor afforded a Citizen…. The Vote.

    We need….

    Enormous mountains of contradictory law to confuse and placate the muddle headed masses.

    The thoughts of a Liberal.






    At what point is it obvious The Citizen May no longer allow the public internal destruction of a peaceful, lawful, values based community by Liberals?

    When do YOU come fight….

    We’ll be there already.


  10. I believe Aramark and Sodexo a very large school meal providers.

    What their lobbying/donations look like, I have no idea.

    The Federal Free school lunch program was set to end last September 30th.

    The federal grant money under the program was way in excess of the expense the districts incurred and thus generated a huge surplus.

    Many districts (pre-Covid) could run a small surplus on their food operations as many students bought their lunch.

    An example of the magnitude of financial difference: D-155 ran a net deficit on food service in FY19 of $59k, but ran a massive surplus in FY22 of $1.1 Million due to $3.7 million in Federal money.

  11. I love how triggered all the haters get. They’re so pathetic.

  12. I just wish everyone remembers this communist takeover come election time, but I doubt it !

    No wonder everybody in the world wants to come to America !

  13. Americans work their buts off to pay taxes so illegals can live in this country as future democrats.

    They will do anything for a vote even stick it to the legal American citizes.

    They need to go illegals and the democrats.

  14. Helloooooo.
    Does anyone in Springfield have a few brain cells.
    We are broke. We are presently in debt. We have unfunded mandates that we can’t afford.

    So we are increasing our spending????

    And people on this blog say I’m too negative when these LOSERS do this kind of stuff.

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