McHenry Township GOP Holding Second Richardson Party

From Kirk Donald, Chairman of the McHenry Townshp Republican Party:

Although on a much larger scale, this reminds me of what Nunda Township Republicans used to do at Veterans Acres.

At one of those events in the 1980’s McHenry Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Tony Varese told me I should run for State Representative again.


McHenry Township GOP Holding Second Richardson Party — 32 Comments

  1. Why didn’t they use a rhino in the logo, driving the tractor?

    I also see they used the neutered GOP elephant logo twice.

    What have these clowns done to turn the Pritzker tide?

    NOTHING! Controlled opposition.

  2. This Kirk Donald is showing me the most fighting spirit, since that WW2 Japenese soldier they found, hiding out in a Pacific Island cave back in 1970.

  3. So long as the national GOP continues to be dominated by authoritarians, nuts and wackos who are focusing on what bathrooms people use, supporting Russian aggression, preventing women from getting abortions even at early stages of their pregnancies, and getting themselves repeatedly indicted, the local Republicans will continue to flounder and squander their once insurmountable advantage in McHenry County and similar places.

    Lets look at recent history.

    After the “bedsheet ballot” of Pat Quinn removed the three member state rep districts in favor of single districts in 1984, there were NO Democratic office holders in McHenry County unless you count stealth candidates in non partisan elections in municipalities and school boards. Left without a focus, the local Democratic Party became a joke.

    This continued until 1998 with the election of Jack Franks due to shenanigans by the Olde Guarde of the local GOP, and later the election of Paula Yensen to the County Board.

    On the heals of the Obama blue wave in 2008, more Democrats were elected but lost their seats in the following cycle.

    Now one third of the County Board are Democrats and there was a Democrat as Chairman for one term until his sexual pecadillos were belatedly revealed.

    There have also been Democratic congress members but that has been due to McHenry County being combined with other more Democratic leaning areas. The same has been the case with State Reps.

    Nevertheless, Democrats have made great strides since their nadir in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    Most of this has been due to continued migration of people from more Democratic areas of the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Other collar counties have experienced the same thing.

    However, in the past 6+ years, the national clown show that has become the national GOP has alienated more moderates who have abandoned the Party and continue to do so.

    Demographic changes and retirement of older folks to warmer and more tax friendly climes have further eroded the GOP base.

    So you can have all of the ice cream socials you want but unless you can restore sanity to the national party and start talking about issues that really matter to people, the decline will continue and accelerate.

  4. “What have these clowns done to turn the Pritzker tide?”

    What are you suggesting? Bump stocks?

  5. Because you pretty much nailed it, but the maga morons won’t listen.


  6. I was a GOP pct committeewoman for 3 terms. I declined to run again because of the other corruption and swamp creaturish BS.

    The rinos spent more time and money, trying to undermine real conservatives then fighting the sleezoid demoncrats.

  7. Terrible optics with that poster.

    Really terrible.

    Ice cream?

    How about a circus, they’ve got the clowns and bearded

  8. “You want to see what MAGA does? ” go for plane rides with Epstien and grab women by the pussy, Yeah Trump is a moral beacon. LOL

    What’s a Conklin? some kind of abnormal growth?

  9. Highly informed trolls. I love it. Parrot what the Mockingbird Media tells them. Unbelievable.

  10. What was so corrupt about the local Republican Party, Lady Maga?

    I see the McHenry County GOP more as boring and incompetent than “corrupt.”

    When the party turned down Tonya Franklin to run against Jack Franks and chose to have Franks run unopposed, I thought that was an example of corruption but that was in 2012 and at least 4 chairmans ago.

    I do not remember any recent examples of corruption in the local party.

    Some people believe the “party” is “corrupt” just because candidates (like Althoff or Tadelman) who they do not support win their primary elections, but that is just people being BABIES not actually corruption.

    What recent examples of “corruption” are there within the local Republican Party, Lady Maga?

    If you quit a long time ago and can’t think of anything recent, you may want to consider running for PC again.

    PC choose the chair of the county and you choose the SCC member (very important) AND there should be a state convention coming up next year because of the presidential election which will be a big deal!

    If you didn’t try gaining influence on the party last year, next year would be the time to do so. Petition circulating will begin this year, probably from late summer until fall.

    To whoever designed the flyer, it looks great and the event sounds like fun.

    Good job and good luck with the event.

  11. Funny how Pokorny uses the Mossad agent/blackmailer pervert Epstein to trash Trump, a controlled opposition piece of shit,much like DeSantis the Israeli bill-signing whore.

    I’m waiting for real patriots to emerge. And during my time in Iraq I killed over 600, personally, and got 3 medals for it.

    Now I regret it.

    Every single one of them.

    That’s why I support Putin and the Russians.

    No more wars for Israel. But I would support an American war against Israel. To avenge the USS Liberty and USS Stark!

  12. Mr. X, yes, indeed, juvenile optics!

    No wonder the Gozp is BS in Illinois.

    I’m still waiting for Col. Wilcox to do something besides trough feed.

  13. The GOP never disavowed the faker Dan Aylward who imagines himself a woman and dresses like it.

    He ran as a Republican, won, and promptly came out as a transvestite pervert who gives speeches in Elementary schools. How sick is that?

    Buehler is a faker! He should have censured Alyward, but invited him to his home.


  14. Oathkeeper. And then there is Nick Provenzano who, while working for a congressman who was making a big deal out of bashing gays and gay marriage, was found with his shirt off in late October in a parked car in a cul de sac of an uncompleted subdivision near his house, where his wife and kids sat, with a 17 year old male he met on Grinder.

    He was not fired by Hultgren until the following year when the news leaked out.

  15. Ah the Karens, the Karens!

    I pity Cal Skinner for putting out the most pertinent Republican perspective in the County and getting stuck with you goofy crows.

    The question isn’t what the McHenry Township has done, it’s what you haven’t done.

    We meet once a month, we have 30 of our 34 precincts filled.

    We have 6 women who are precinct committeepersons, we elected 1 school board member and 2 city aldermen in the past April election, we canvass, we stand behind our Republican State officials, we fill out witness slips, we attend school board meetings, in short, in spite of your vitriol, we’re doing something to stop the rabid Democratic surge trying desperately to destroy our county with government housing, undocumented aliens, and programs for those who imagine they’re marginalized.

    Why not take an opening on one of the vacancies on the County Committees listed on

    Do something.

    Why ice cream?

    It’s safe, it’s generic, it’s a Sunday, it’s getting the public involved at a great McHenry County venue.

  16. Mitch:

    That’s nice.

    However, all politics are now national and people’s perception of the national party will more or less determine who they vote for down ballot in any partisan races.

    Right now what we have going on nationally is a moronic authoritarian con man whose past deeds are finally catching up to him; a nut case who is going after Mickey Mouse and trying to keep teachers from teaching and readers from reading; various states that are banning even sensible abortion policies, plus activist federal judges who are trying to tell people and their doctors what pills they can prescribe and take.

    Until that changes, no amount of ice cream or even committeemen (most of whom don’t do anything during election cycles) will be of any avail.

    Even former Tea Party darling Joe Walsh is now saying that voting for Biden is the only hope in the short run.

  17. Mitch, glad you’re into diversity.

    What’s your position on the great reset?

    Yeah, ice cream while the decaying country gets
    Flushed with mud people.

    Great idea! How about a tiddley wink championship and a pew wee Herman look-a
    -like contest?!

  18. Sure Texas has some of these Because Science mid wits.

    But on election nights, you can see them being chased down by angry villagers, carrying torch and pitchfork Frankenstein style.

  19. Because Science – I have to address your comment because I find it condescending and lacking in anything but “Because Science”. “All politics are national” that must be why all of the County Wide offices in McHenry County were won by Republicans in the 2022 Election, while nationally the Democrats held the Whitehouse and Senate.

    Trump is “a moronic authoritarian con man” – prove it.

    Just like so many other allegations, this politically driven Grand Jury indictment will more than likely crash and burn, just like all the other allegations.

    You know who is a “con man”?

    Joe Biden.

    He’s on tape using Federal Funds to influence the Ukrainian government to drop an investigation, which is their national business, not the United States.

    He had to drop out of the Democratic Presidential Primary in 1987 because of plagiarism.

    As recent financial documents reveal, the Biden family (including Joe Biden) has enjoyed an influx of monetary funds from foreign entities.

    Now, no Democratic Primary, Biden’s the nominee?

    Sounds dictatorial to me.

    A “nut case” is keeping “teachers from teaching and people from reading”, what you mean is they’re indoctrinating school children on how to have same sex relations (oral and anal sex),something totally out of their scope of reality, like teaching a stay at home mom how to manage a fighter jet.

    And all the woke puke about questioning their gender identity, where are your aged surveys proving this brings anything beneficial to a child?

    “Sensible abortion policies”, would that be like shutting down pregnancy centers that for years did mammograms and ultra sounds that Planned Parenthood was supposed to be doing, or are you referring to the gruesome act of murdering a new born baby?

    Here’s some science for you, conception is organic human life, no amount of rhetorical gymnastics and propaganda can change that. “Federal judges telling people what pills they can prescribe and take”, is that like the thousands of homeless that get paid by the government, and fresh needles to live a life of addiction on the Democrat run big city sidewalks?

    Joe Walsh is no “darling” to the vast majority of us, Joe Walsh is for Joe Walsh, who gives a damn who he votes for.

  20. Mitch, we could help simps like Because Science by televising abortions taking place in real time like I hope they do for the military tribunals that are about to happen.

    Maybe seeing limbs be ripped out of their mothers bodies might help wake the satanists up.

    It’ll upset Hillary and John Podesta since they like those toppings on their pizzas.

    People can’t comprehend the evil in this world even when you try to help them.

  21. For the Record, I think that abortions should be banned after 20 weeks with exceptions for the health of the mother or unborn child.

    However, banning them at 6 weeks when women may not even know that they are pregnant is ridiculous, as is banning a pill which has to be taken very early in the pregnancy.

    As for Trump, he has been a con man all of his life and continued those ways as a candidate, President, and ex President.

    He has turned all of America into “Trump University”.

    I expect to see him in jail sometime next year or the year after.

    Maybe Biden will pardon him!

  22. Great job Mitch!

    Exactly the program.

    Everything matters in the fight against traitorous liberals among us espousing policies against thousands of years of historical best practices for a cohesive nation.

    Fight them for every single position.

    School boards are the greatest impact any conservative may enjoy.

    Local politics make the highest impact on the average Citizen.

    The liberals are sure doing a great job of owning local politics and destroying property values, community decency, best practice Law and any positive future for children.

    God Bless your efforts to make those local impacts for conservatives.

  23. “against thousands of years of historical best practices for a cohesive nation.” Where has there ever been a thousand year cohesive nation?
    The catholic church could even keep the Holy Roman Empire together.

  24. Steven…

    Please stop making my case against liberals by proving with your every comment how uneducated, backward and incapable of any meaningful thought a liberal may be.

    It embarrasses me for the deeper thinkers of your ilk who watch you try to rep their very sincere, if not dead wrong, liberalism.

    Please take a moment and google world history to answer your own question.

    There are vast oceans of historical best practices and more than a few cultures have enjoyed written histories longer than a mere 1000 years.

    Stupid people who refuse to help themselves are incredibly hard to deal with and you prove daily how small and worthless your thoughts become when measured against absolutes.

    Your forte is name calling and poop throwing like any cute monkey at the zoo.

    Understand, Stephen, from here forward I shall treat you as I do those cute monkeys.

    I’ll stand back from your cage with a bemused smile and move on to appreciate living in a world where I can ignore your idiotic behavior in favor of much more substantial attractions.

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