Poor Kids Lose as Dems Kill Scholarships, a.k.a., Vouchers, Teacher Unions Win

From Wirepoints, reprinted with permission:

Pritzker guarantees the death of Invest in Kids

The governor will make Illinois the first school-choice state in the nation to wipe out school-choice.

CHICAGO – Just as Wirepoints warned, Gov. J.B. Pritzker has guaranteed the death of the Invest in Kids Act, a program that gives children from low-income, working-class families access to scholarships for a private school education.

Pritzker will make Illinois the first school-choice state in the nation to wipe out school-choice. Not good for kids in Illinois, but good for powerful teachers unions. 

Pritzker confirmed in a press conference today that the budget he crafted with House Speaker Chris Welch and Senate President Don Harmon does not include the Invest in Kids Act, saying, 

“This is not something that’s been covered by the budget agreement. It’s something that still has time, potentially, but it’s not something that’s in the budget agreement.”

That “still has time” is code for the fall veto session, where Invest in Kids has virtually no chance of passing.

In a state where only 1 in 10 black students in public schools can read at grade level, the decision was one that only hurts poor children.

It’s more clear than ever whose interests the governor is serving. It’s certainly not the 9,000 kids who were served by the Invest in Kids program. Nor is it the taxpayers, who foot the bill for public schools that fail to educate most students.


Poor Kids Lose as Dems Kill Scholarships, a.k.a., Vouchers, Teacher Unions Win — 14 Comments

  1. It’s all about the Teachers Union and CONTROL.

    They control the Senate and House and get whatever they want.

    They don’t want choice.

  2. Every Jew in the illinois legislature voted to kill the vouchers. Why are Jews so over represented?

    Why? Nobody dares to ask!

  3. Public school union doesn’t care about children or poor people bro these bills are just jobs programs / regulatory capture for a special interest group.

    These “workers” give votes to politicians and the politicians reward them for their votes with more favorable legislation eg more money, excluding competition, etc.

    It’s a big scam.

    It has nothing to do with “education.”

  4. Anti-semitism is a natural, wholly-justified response to jewish predation, which exists in many forms, namely: territorial, financial, sexual, political, moral, cultural, intellectual, spiritual and corporeal. In short, it’s self-defense.

    Ergo, if anti-semitism is surging, as claimed by the ADL, then jewish predation must be surging. It’s the iron law of cause and effect.

  5. Teachers Union Win.

    A payback for all the $$$ given to Socialist candidates like Suzy Ness

    Education has basically transitioned into programing our youth minds.


    If you can’t afford private education for your children get the hell out of Illinois.

  6. Behind the Iron Curtain, thank a libtard voter… stupid is as stupid does..

  7. That noise Cuke makes, when he unsheathes his scimitar to kill infidels, always makes me smile.

  8. I know, all that retching to cough up those few stubborn remaining brain cells.

  9. Had to look it up, those zany Arabs call it ululation, that high pitched thing they do with their tongue…..right before a .50 caliber sniper cartridge explodes their skull.

  10. Instead of Jews we could start electing drunks like Texas. they seem to have a handle on their state. LOL

  11. “I distrust a man who says when, if he’s got to be careful not to drink too much it’s because he’s not to be trusted when he does.”

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