$175,000 to “Welcome Immigrants” in Champaign

From the Democrats’ budget comes $175,000 to the City of Champaign for costs associated with welcoming plan initiative for foreign born residents.


$175,000 to “Welcome Immigrants” in Champaign — 7 Comments

  1. you better save some of that $$ for DEPORTAIONS.. Since not one Voter voted for any of you to break our LAWS.. S.C. /BS! call it for cheatin votes.

  2. WTF is the difference between a foreign born resident and an illegal invader?

  3. You have seriously never heard of a resident before?

    A resident is someone who is here legally but not yet a citizen. You don’t just automatically become a citizen when you migrate here.

    There’s a period of years (it might be like 7?) where they are a resident.

    They are not a citizen although they are here legally not illegally.

    The difference between a resident and an invader is that the former has permission to be here while the latter sneaked in. One is legal, the other is illegal.

    Residents have social security numbers.

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