Crystal Lake Target

From Paul Barthel come this photos:

Making a pilgrimage to Crystal Lake Target, the indoctrination display is directly in front upon entrance. Notice specifically the attire aimed at infants.  

Again, this has nothing to do with hatred or bigotry.  

For the majority, we agreed to be tolerant.  

It has gone beyond tolerance.

First, it was tolerance, then acceptance, and finally endorsement.  

And, those who fail to endorse are either canceled, job threatened, or physically assaulted.  

We can agree to “tolerate,” however, when you go after our children and systemically make an effort to transform society into woke culture ideology and dismantle the foundation of our country with debauchery and perversion, is where most will agree there is a problem.  

It should also be pointed out those McHenry County Board members who voted to uphold the flying of the Flag versus those MIA or Veteran Flags, and those who elected to honor an entire month as Pride month.  Remember, when you vote!  

Target has made a choice and most can respect that.  

However, consumers also have a choice.

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Impact nationwide here,


Crystal Lake Target — 10 Comments

  1. Fashion. Remember when Che Guevara infant onesies were all the rage?

  2. ” the foundation of our country with debauchery and perversion, ” It’s only debauchery and perversion to the Christian haters.
    The dinosaurs are losing. soon they won’t be able to shop anywhere. LOL

  3. “The dinosaurs are losing”

    Not really. People are getting sick of the in your face genital mutilation and sodomy. What you do with penises doesn’t need to be advertised by corporations and it is not a substitute for a personality.

  4. Budweiser Execs will now be able to tell Shareholders.

    “See? We’re not the only company run by a team of chimps”!

  5. I thought the whole store was a toilet. No? Hmmmm.

    Well anyway “take your penis and shove it”

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