Lake County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Finds Two Youths on West End of Crystal Lake

From Chris Covelli, Chief Deputy Sheriff of Lake County:

“We were requested to respond to the area of Mulberry Lane and Holly Drive, Crystal Lake, for a report of two missing juveniles on May 21, 2023 at approximately 12:15 a.m. 

Mulberry Lane and Holly Drive, Crystal Lake.

“At least one of the juveniles was reported to be under the influence of alcohol. 

“Sheriff’s Canine Dax and Deputy Forlenza responded. 

“K9 Dax tracked for approximately ½ mile and located the intoxicated juvenile hiding in a yard in the 1300 block of Mulberry Lane, Crystal Lake at approximately 1:30 a.m. 

“She was treated by paramedics and safely turned over to her guardian. 

“The other juvenile was also located. 

“The information provided to us was that one juvenile was at a party and was intoxicated.

“At some point she returned to her home.

“K9 Dax tracked her scent from her home to an acquaintance’s house, the house of another juvenile.

“That juvenile was not home.

“K9 Dax then tracked both of those juveniles about two blocks away, where he found them both. 

“K9 Dax is nine years old.

“He and our team of ten canines track people on at least a weekly basis.

“This ranges from missing endangered people to fleeing felons.

“They have tremendous success and have saved dozens of lives over the last few years.

“Our canine teams are invaluable. 

“Our canines routinely assist our municipal partners in Lake County and collar counties.”


Lake County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Finds Two Youths on West End of Crystal Lake — 8 Comments

  1. Little Sally isn’t going to have to help fund AAIM or MADD, so that’s a win, yeah?

  2. Further proof of how stupid Public Schools are making your little inbreds.

    By age 12, I had already figured out how to replace my parents liquor stash with water and where Dad had hidden his stash of Hustlers.

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