More Dues for Teachers Unions — 8 Comments

  1. cal. Your title just illustrates your hatefulness. get out of America you hypocrite little prick.

  2. Gee, Ya thinks “Tom” is a teacher? Actually, Cal is spot on. Teachers and their unions are always in need of more money and more programs. They also love Illegals. Illegals overwhelm the classroom head count, thus furthering the need for what? More teachers of course, more money, more programs. Tom is one those when done “teaching” will leave this god-forsaken State after getting his pension. Ya know, cause, “Tom” was “busted-down” and worked his ass off as a teacher, and therefore is owed. GTFO…. So, Tom, if you are in fact a teacher, STFU and just teach and quit with the indoctrination BS. Remember, you choose to teach. Now STFU.

  3. Geez Tom, it was supposed to be a joke.

    It was me, that took a dump at your front door.

  4. Tom, you are like a parody of yourself. You are like an SNL skit of the most obnoxious and retarded Democrat.

    Why do you act like that? You sincerely believe the garbage you type or are you trolling?

    There is nothing factually inaccurate about “more school = more work for teachers = more wages paid to teachers = more money paid to unions in dues.” It’s quite easy to understand and has nothing to do with hate. It’s a matter of fact.

    Cal didn’t state whether it’s good or bad. He just said it’s going to happen lol

    If you are going to argue that adding Kindergarten as a requirement is bad for teachers and their unions then make your case here.

    It’s either good for them, bad for them, or it makes no difference.

    So which one is it?

    Giving them more jobs is bad for them?

    Is it going to result in fewer union dues being paid?

    Go ahead, Tom. Use your big teacher brain to explain this to us…

  5. LOL. Cal at least Lil Tommy Snowflake knows what you’re packing in your trousers. I’m unsure how he knows its size.

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