Union Pork

From the Democrats’ budget grab bag:

  • $1,000,000 to the Mechanics Local 701 Training Center for costs associated with capital improvements


Union Pork — 13 Comments

  1. Wow, they don’t even try to camouflage it any more.

  2. “Mellow monk, you bring up kosher, but it’s an illegal religious tax imposed in nonjews !!!!”

    Plenty of non-kosher products out there. Plenty of non-kosher delis too. Non-kosher butchers everywhere.

    Your kosher costs savings on Heinz Catsup or other mass-produced items over an entire lifetime might buy lint eventually.

  3. Then there’s Hallal. You’re eating lots of hallal stuff too. Look at your labels if you’re really curious.

  4. We could have our own “whitey” registration “bug”. Oh, we do – USDA. Maybe a MAGA seal instead?

  5. Don’t think so, but you could search the SB 250 bill and find out.

  6. MO Gold Chains.. on order… for the money sucking pigs.

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