Teens Found with Pot at Lake in the Hill’s Larson Park — 7 Comments

  1. Dumbass parents in Illinois, will stand on a picket line with teachers to help tax themselves out of their own homes, but won’t protest the persecution of their inbreds, for smoking untaxed weed not purchased at Government dispensary’s.

  2. where is the MADD mothers for POT !? only beer drinkers do they get on?

  3. “underage” always reminds me of how they changed the legal drinking age to 18 during the Vietnam War, started changing it back before the last escape helicopter, left the Saigon Embassy roof.

  4. We had a “gap year”.

    When Illinois changed, we still had Wisconsin, until they too changed.

    Probably did cut down on the cross-border carnage.

  5. MADD & AAIM are both on the “impaired” and “intoxicated” platform currently. JT could tell us if these organizations benefit similarly for a pot DUI operating violation.

    Of note is that most of these pot blotters published here are either for underage possession or improper container/carry, not a DUI.

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