Johnsburg’s Celebration of Memorial Day

From the Village of Johnsburg:

Honoring Memorial Day

Memorial Day in Johnsburg is a patriotic event like no other. 

Gather your family and join fellow friends and neighbors to honor veterans, both past and present on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th. 

Plan to be on the bridge sidewalk by 8:30 a.m. to enjoy the patriotic performances. 

At the Memorial Day ceremony since September 11, 2001 they also honor our first responders, fire fighters, police officers and paramedics for their courage and sacrifices.

The VFW will conduct the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. with comments and introductions by the Village President, Edwin P. Hettermann at the Waterfront Hotel & Marina riverfront patio by the Chapel Hill Bridge. 

After the events conclude at the Waterfront Hotel & Marina, a parade will proceed to the Johnsburg Community Club’s Armed Forces Memorial for a concluding ceremony.

The parade will travel along Chapel Hill Road through the roundabout to St. John’s Avenue and end at Rescue Squad Memorial Park. 

The concluding ceremony will take place immediately following the parade. 

Antique and military vehicles will also be on display. 

Stick around for the picnic, food and donations are being provided by Johnsburg residents and business owners. 

Anyone wishing to donate to this patriotic event can do so by dropping a check off at the David G. Dominguez Municipal Center (Attn: Village of Johnsburg).


Johnsburg’s Celebration of Memorial Day — 9 Comments

  1. Memorial Day is about remembrance of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. Veterans Day is November 11.

  2. I know that they are two different days, Joe.

    I was commenting about Veterans Day, a loosely related topic to Memorial Day (since they are holidays we associate with the armed forces), because this was a somewhat relevant article.

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    It’s time this satanic crap is stopped.

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