June 1st Deadline to Register with the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce for the Independence Day Parade

The Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce announces that June 1st is the deadline to sign up to participate in the July 2nd parade.

Crystal Lake Council float, 2022.

Here is the price list:

Call Kristin Parkin at 815-459-1300. extension 10.


June 1st Deadline to Register with the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce for the Independence Day Parade — 22 Comments

  1. JT and abe will be riding on the Epstein’s private jet float, throwing felch straws to the onlookers.

  2. Would be great if no signs about politicians or politics. This should be a fun day.

  3. On political ones, probably pass on individual candidates per se, and just have the Parties as entrants, and their respective office-holders and candidates parade as a group.

  4. All the local politicians should be hanged, or at least tarred and feathered.

    They are simpering little cowards who have been gelded.

    Start with McConchie, or should I say UnConchie, who supports anal marriage.

  5. Dear Kristen,

    You seem like a wonderful person.

    However, the reality is: the Chamber of Commerce is a local arm of the Political Swamp.

    All you do is try to help each other at the expense of the plebs working like slaves so that the rich RINOs and connected limosine liberals can live off the government trough.

    If you think I’m a deplorable – you are defined as a SWAMP CREATURE.

    Just admit the Chamber of Commerces exists to enrich the very people who live off government and the government authorities.


  6. In the past CL, and other cities, restricted political entries to incumbent office holders, who were invariably Republicans.

    Since the parade is organized by a private group, it doesn’t run afoul of the First Amendment (although the closure of streets and police escorts blurs that).

    This had the effect of barring challengers, such as Democrats, thus eliminating an prime exposure opporutunity for them.

    I can remember that the Democratic candidate for State’s Attorny essentially crashed the parade and others may also have done so not only in CL but in other cities.

    Then there was the refusal one year to allow the Libertarians to enter because they had an entry which trashed the 2001 “Patriot Act” which suppressed some free speach activities.

    One year Patrick Murfin stood in a lot of a private home on Dole Avenue and read the Declaration of Independence after his group had been barred from the parade.

    The woman who was dressed as the Statue of Liberty on stilts joined him as I recall.

    This is particularly ironic where the parade is held on the Fourth of July which celebrates Freedom of Speach.

    How about just letting everyone who wants to be in the parade to be in the parade?

    It’s a concept.

  7. Buttmuncher CPTKangaroo loves talking about rectal lesions and anal. What a total weirdo.

  8. CLM is a most bitter asshole, The Chamber of Commerce is to promote business in the community. Some more of the great political insight.

  9. and you don’t speak for the citizenry. just the MAGA moron crowd,

  10. If you have enough cash and meet the application deadline, it appears you can participate.

  11. When are the Pride Parades?

    Amazon Prime cancelled Carnival Row and I’ll need a fix soon.

  12. Is throwing candy at kids along the route still allowed?

    What if a child gets hit in the eye?

    Alternatively, can spectators throw candy at those adult paraders in carts, pickups, pulled wagons?

  13. Who is the guy waving in the picture? He has more chins than a Chinese phone book?

  14. Parades are so lame.

    The people participating in them are tools.

    Lets save a spot with chairs days in advance.


    I’d rather hang out with JT and talk Epstein, than have to watch the stupidity of a parade.

  15. Mr Pokorny, these Chamber of Commerces are little more than leftist cells which abet illegal immigration, and of course, these chambers take up the whole lgbtq psycho agenda.

    No thanks!

  16. Lee, they have nothing to do with “leftist Cells” what ever the hell they are.

    They May promote an LBTG agenda but that is to sell product and generate revenues and not alienate buyers.

    Has nothing to do with promoting a lifestyle, that is just the benefit.

    They’re queer and they’re here.

    They are not going anywhere.

  17. Wharton Business School Grad Stephen, implements his ‘Let’s Market that 1% cohort and Piss Off 80% Program’….

    ….then places ‘Rainbow Award’ in Security Guard provided box, before being escorted out of Corporate Headquarters.

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