Message of the Day – A Cartoon

Cartoonists Anthony Rubino and Gary Markstein pack so much into this mid-1990’s cartoon that I think it appropriate to share on this Memorial Day:


Message of the Day – A Cartoon — 20 Comments

  1. Capt, why do you think the deep state keeps poking the bear? It’s precisely what that psychotic woman says out loud. Don’t worry the same sheep that wore a mask and shot garbage into their arms will be the same ones that surrender their freedom first. ANTIFA and BLM are the paid agitators they used last time.

  2. A solemn day is soiled by political garbage and more unfounded bullcrap from JT.

  3. “LOL. The troll trifecta has chimed in and as usual add no value”

    I know, right? Me, Joseph, then you. Truth! 💣!

  4. Sorry sport. It would be Al, Lil Joey and you. Did you find Kari Lakes proof or is it in the same place as the Salvi’s property tax evidence? What a simp.

  5. I forgot. Do another bong. It improves that high IQ you think you possess.

  6. Yet JT continues to respond to said “trolls”. What a pathetic douche. LOL.

  7. LOFL. Look in the mirror Lil Joey Snowflake. What flavor does a pole smoking troll like in their douche? Always adding content with your 4-stooge troll farm as usual.

  8. “Did you find Kari Lakes proof or…”

    No. Kari Loser hasn’t either. If she had proof, this conversation wouldn’t be happening, would it?

    Truth! 💣!

  9. Why post proof doper Monk. You won’t watch it. I suspect you’re waiting for the media to tell you what to think. Dope addled genious. PRICELESS.

  10. “Monk. You won’t watch it.”

    I actually take a peek, but it’s still the same old sh*t. All your Truths 💣

  11. You don’t post truth. You can’t find it. Kari Loser can’t find it. Everyone you support dies a political death. Really, really hoping you’re totally in the bag for Trump. Since 2020 you’re batting a thousand.

  12. So much ad hominem here.

    Leftists can’t argue; they insult.

  13. “Leftists can’t argue; they insult.”

    Righties can’t argue; they bitch.

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