Crimes Against Children Task Force Created

From the State’s Attorney:

McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office Creates Crimes Against Children Task Force

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office is proud to announce the formation of the Crimes Against Children Task Force. 

This task force was created by the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office in conjunction with 20 local McHenry County police departments to ensure the most thorough and comprehensive investigations for reports of physical or sexual abuse to a child.

Child abuse can be one of the most difficult crimes to investigate and prosecute. 

This crime is often committed behind closed doors, without any independent witnesses. 

The victims are our most vulnerable and helpless members of society who often have a difficult time disclosing abuse. 

Due to this, these investigations not only require an extraordinary amount of time, but also investigators with a specialized knowledge and skillset.

With the creation of this task force, all reports of child abuse within the 20 participating jurisdictions will be turned over to this specialized unit comprised of investigators who are highly trained and experienced in child abuse investigations. 

The task force’s time will be solely dedicated to investigating these offenses and pursuing justice on behalf of these victims.

Amy Bucci has been appointed as the Director and Lead Investigator of the Crimes Against Children Task Force. 

Amy brings a wealth of law enforcement experience to her new position, having previously served as a police officer for the Algonquin Police Department over 26 years. 

Since being trained as a forensic interviewer in 2009, Amy has investigated countless cases involving child abuse. 

Aside from being a forensic interviewer, Amy is a state-certified instructor for sexual assault investigations and a former President of the McHenry County Juvenile Association. 

Amy is also a McHenry County Investigations Assistance Team (MIAT) investigator and a McHenry County Human Trafficking Task Force investigator.

Jason Greenwald has also been appointed as an Investigator with the Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Jason also brings a wealth of law enforcement experience to his new position, having previously served as a police officer for 24 years, most recently with the Johnsburg Police Department.

At the Johnsburg Police Department, Jason served as a detective who investigated all types of criminal offenses, including child abuse. 

Jason has been a Juvenile Officer since 2000 and a school resource officer since 2019.  Jason has received specialized training related to investigations involving children, including but not limited to, training in Child Abuse and Neglect, missing and endangered children, sexual assault investigator training, trauma informed responses to sexual assault and abuse, and cybercrimes.

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office has assigned an Assistant State’s Attorney to work with the task force.  This prosecutor will work daily with the task force to assist in reviewing investigations, providing input regarding follow up or investigative leads and deciding if criminal charges are appropriate.

The McHenry County Child Advocacy Center has generously allowed the task force to work at their facility. 

In addition to providing advocacy services, the Child Advocacy Center currently assists all local law enforcement agencies and DCFS by conducting child-sensitive, forensic interviews of children. 

Housing the task force at the CAC will help create a true multi-disciplinary team approach to all task force investigations. 

The task force will work with the CAC to provide comprehensive support and services to children who have been victims of abuse.

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office recognizes the magnitude of child abuse cases and is committed to bringing perpetrators to justice while providing support and care for the children affected.

The Crimes Against Children Task Force is a significant step towards achieving this goal. The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office would like to thank the following police agencies for their participating in such a groundbreaking task force for this community: Barrington Hills Police Department, Bull Valley Police Department, Cary Police Department, Crystal Lake Park District Police Department, Fox River Grove Police Department, Hebron Police Department, Holiday Hills Police Department, Island Lake Police Department, Johnsburg Police Department, Lakemoor Police Department, Lakewood Police Department, Marengo Police Department, McHenry County College Police Department, McHenry County Conservation District Police Department, Oakwood Hills Police Department, Prairie Grove Police Department, Richmond Police Department, Spring Grove Police Department, Union Police Department and the Wonder Lake Police Department.

The McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office would also like to thank the McHenry County Child Advocacy Center for their continued support and cooperation in not only the creation of this task force but the overall pursuit of justice for victims of child abuse.


Crimes Against Children Task Force Created — 15 Comments

  1. Usually Kenneally takes all of the credit to begin each article regarding the MCSAO announcing something or another.

    Why not in this one?

  2. Maybe charges should be lodged against the dozens of school dist. Administrators trying to sexualize children, even very young children to the joys of homosexual anal sex, anal marriage, drag fags cavorting in their classrooms, brainwashing kids to demand sexual mutilation to please their satanic teachers, etc., etc.

    Yes look at the curricula and bondage/queer porn. Then start arresting the pigs.

  3. Rep. Stevie Reick recently said he was OK with homos coming into the schools to “talk” to the children.

    Talk about what?!

    Really, Reick? You have a hideous and diseased mindscape, but as an avowed atheist, it all follows!

  4. Unbelievable. Tom Pritzker wanders free and McHenry virtue signals. Well spent waste of taxpayers money.

  5. About time Glad to see some one taking action against child abusers………as a father of 9.. the grandfather of 22..and a great Grandfather of 33 .

    I love kids…there are always kids at my house……

    I cant stand anyone who abuses any kid…

    I do not know who these officers in charge are, but I wish them well and offer whatever cooperation I can give

  6. I would start with parents who want to have drag shows for kids….

  7. I remember a McHenry Deputy Greg Pyle, who was in charge of finding child pornographers on the internet

    and he was worse than anyone… hes doing 50 years in a federal pen

  8. Good start except for involving DCFS, a proven failure in caring for or protecting children.

    It is a base value worldwide to protect children.

    Any culture which attacks its children is headed for ruin.

    Democrats create and implement policies which encourage the early sexualization, abuse, trafficking and murder of children.

    Liberals are disgusting backward creatures who offer death and destruction to our society and culture and should not be allowed any access to influencing or leading any society.

    This push by local law enforcement is a welcome counter to liberal horrors.

    We wish them all success.

    If they win our culture wins and we may have a future.

  9. “Liberals are disgusting backward creatures who offer death and destruction to our society and culture and should not be allowed any access to influencing or leading any society.”

    As opposed to the history of the Catholic church. LOL

  10. The church will save our children, let the priests do it. LOL

  11. So McHenry County Sheriffs and Crystal Lake Police Departments once again are not cooperating with the states attorney in an important cause…Shocker.

    More politics by Tadelman and Black who both don’t get it and never will.

    If they didn’t create it they won’t play.

    Pathetic and a slap in the face to child abuse victims everywhere.

    Way to not learn from the past Black and Tadelman.

  12. Wasn’t Sgt Pyle protected by somebody in the Sheriff’s dept who gave him a heads up to ditch his cell phone?

    We now have the worst Sheriff possible…. Worse than Nygren or Prim.

  13. The only people in the country that should have guns are priests.

    They are the safest and most moral citizens

  14. How can DFCS focus on its core mission when there are still thousands of kids in daycare who might get treats on their birthday that they enjoy?

    They clearly need to dedicate more resources to making detailed regulations and enforcing treat policies to make sure that children get no more than an arbitrary amount of sugar once a year.

    Only then can they in turn focus on activities to stop junky parents from murdering their children.

    And by activities, I mean putting business cards in door cracks, just like they did with AJ.

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