Depopulation in Illinois

I shared previously the loss and gains in population for McHenry County municipalities.

Here from Illinois Policy’s Bryce Hill are the Illinois figures broken down by size of municipality:

Here’s a summary of the McHenry County data:

  • Algonquin +243
  • Barrington Hills – 87
  • Bull Valley – 0
  • Cary -1
  • Crystal Lake +402
  • Fox Lake -138
  • Fox River Grove -57
  • Greenwood -3
  • Harvard -93
  • Hebron +9
  • Holiday Hills -8
  • Huntley +392
  • Island Lake -94
  • Johnsburg -3
  • Lake in the Hills -287
  • Lakemoor +89
  • Lakewood +11
  • Marengo -1
  • McCullum Lake -14
  • McHenry +940
  • Oakwood Hills -11
  • Port Barrington -16
  • Prairie Grove -13
  • Richmond +17
  • Ringwood -8
  • Spring Grove – No change
  • Trout Valley -5
  • Union -7
  • Wonder Lake +490
  • Woodstock +21


Depopulation in Illinois — 10 Comments

  1. Lakewood had a gain.

    I’m sure it was the golf course that triggered that.

  2. Based on how wrong the census estimates were in the years leading up to the 2020 census, maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t put so much weight in them now?

    I know, I know – it fits your/IPI’s narrative.

    But the numbers are projections, not real numbers, and the census has developed a pretty poor record of this in recent years.

  3. McHenry and Wonder Lake seem to correlate to all the new units under construction there.

  4. Losing population, because Illinois is getting that same cringeworthy energy, as Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple.

  5. How many of these ‘gains’ were via Section Eight and illegal aliens would be interesting to see.

  6. Slapdyck, the illegal invading aliens don’t really show up on census totals.

    Water and electricity usage, however, show that they comprise a HUGE uncounted population living sub rosa, yet overcrowding our courts, jails, schools, hospitals and asylums.

    They must go or America is d-e-a-d!

  7. LOL. The Lake in the Hills drag queen groomer is closing shop.

    Looks like Porkboy is losing his job as cream filler in that creepy chick’s bakery. Set up a GoFundMe twinkie.

  8. so Wonder Lake gained…………wonder why….

    Harvard lost some…

    usually the population of Harvard never changes, every time some girl gets pregnant,some guy leaves town

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