Sheriff Reports on 201 Enforcements around Memorial Day

Fro the Sheirff’s Department:

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Announces ‘Click It or Ticket’ Campaign Results

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office today announced it issued 201 citations during the recent Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” enforcement period.

While Illinois’ 2022 seat belt compliance rate was 93%, unbelted occupants still account for more than half of those killed in traffic crashes.

The “Click It or Ticket” campaign aims to change the behavior of the millions of people who don’t buckle up. Thousands of lives could be saved each year if every vehicle occupant was properly restrained when traveling.

McHenry County Sneriff’s Department squad car.

During the enforcement period, McHenry County Sheriff’s Office wrote 58 citations for seat belt violations and took the following additional actions:

  • 3 DUI arrests
  • 1 Warrant arrest
  • 10 Electronic Communication citations
  • 14 Suspended Registration citations
  • 3 Suspended/Revoked license citations
  • 21 uninsured motorists
  • 55 speeding citations
  • 2 drug arrests
  • 51 other various traffic offense citations

The Illinois “Click It or Ticket” campaign is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation
with federal highway safety funds.


Sheriff Reports on 201 Enforcements around Memorial Day — 20 Comments

  1. Some kind of second level, sophisticated Public Sector Public Relations attempt, to offset the Defund the Police movement.

  2. More road taxes funded by you.

    They’re the modern day revenue generators for the county government.

  3. And if you obey the traffic laws you don’t get “taxed. What a moron. But you keep swinging shortshanks, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Which beats you by 2.

  4. Electronic Communication Violations should be a top priority. I watched a lady drive through a four way stop, totally oblivious , while holding her phone in front of her face probably texting.

    Another car slammed into the one in front because the woman didn’t see traffic slow because she found it more important to be texting.

  5. Camera’s, 20 airbags, crumple zone’s, Driving Sensor’s, structural safety cages, have all promoted a perverse incentive to drive more stupidly.

    The ‘safer’ the cars get, the shittier and more distracted the drivers get.

  6. This is awesome. This is so good, in fact, I say we let the police enter our homes (un-announced) and check up on everyone. I bet the’ll get all sorts of bad guys that way!!

    I think the local PDs should be able to just “choose” who to check up on and interrogate. Perhaps we can develop a “citizen informant” program so that even children can report their parents for misbehavior.

    Assume someone no longer believes in Climate Change or the COVID vaccine! We should be able to incarcerate them immediately. If they’re not wearing their seat belt or their kids rat on them – WE WILL CATCH ALL THE BAD PEOPLE.

  7. LOL CLM. You just described Australia.

    Remember they took away the citizens right to own weapons.

    The high brow intellectuals in this state keep trying to turn this state into that mess.

  8. Wow, as if claiming “triggered Trolls” somehow absolves your stupidity. Triggered you are.

  9. JT, you’re right. Australia has lost it.

    I wouldn’t VISIT Australia for fear of their STASI police.

    They are a police state – and they are insisting on Leftist ideology on all segments of society.

    Very scary.

    It’s time for the good policemen to tell their commanders to shove it up their liberal asses.

    We all have to stand up for our rights – before it’s too late.

  10. Poor little Porkboy can not handle the truth about his existence on this blog. Porkboy, please name any contribution you have made to improve anyone’s IQ on this site. Lol. Here it comes.

  11. You can’t increase someone’s IQ.

    It’s inherent.

    Keep punching Genius.

    My existence on this blog is to entertain my self.

    How many times do you have to be told.

    Low IQ
    Triggered you are loser

  12. IQ – take away the Intelligence, and you’re left with Q.

  13. My name is JT and I type in bold to make myself appear knowledgeable and educated and try to capture the readers attention. Sorry sport, eveyone knows you’re full of malarkey. Priceless. LOL.

  14. LOL. TRIGGERED TROLLS. I love it. They must be carpooling to the Taylor Swift concert to hook up with their BFFs in the parking lot.

    What else do u have trolls?

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