Crystal Lake Reports 36 Memorial Day Weekend Enhanced Enforcement Actions

From the Crystal Lake Police:

Crystal Lake Police Department announces ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign numbers

Crystal Lake, IL – The Crystal Lake Police Department today announced it issued 36 citations during the recent Memorial Day “Click It or Ticket” enforcement period.

Crystal Lake Police car.

While Illinois’ 2022 seat belt compliance rate was 93%, unbelted occupants still account for more than half of those killed in traffic crashes. The “Click It or Ticket” campaign aims to change the behavior of the millions of people who do not buckle up. Thousands of lives could be saved each year if every vehicle occupant was properly restrained when traveling.

During the enforcement period, the Crystal Lake Police Department wrote 5 citations for seat belt violations and took additional enforcement actions which included the following:

  • 1 arrest for DUI-Alcohol and DUI-BAC over .08
  • 18 citations for Distracted Driving
  • 4 citations for Speeding
  • 2 citations for Improper Lane Usage
  • 2 citations for Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle

The Illinois “Click It or Ticket” campaign is administered by the Illinois Department of
Transportation with federal highway safety funds.


Crystal Lake Reports 36 Memorial Day Weekend Enhanced Enforcement Actions — 7 Comments

  1. Revenuer’s hard at work using taxpayer money to harvest more road taxes from taxpayers. Like the 151 we pay for plate renewal is not enough to quench their thirst for money.

    Queue the trolls. LOL.

  2. Agreed. Car registration, THEFT. Driver’s license, THEFT. Charter boat operating license, THEFT. Then they may you pay taxes to fund the cops to enforce the “seatbelt” theft law. SWAMP!! Also, WITCH HUNT!

  3. How does the number of tickets issued fir the Memorial Say weekend conpare to a non holiday weekend?

  4. Good question.

    The period is more than the weekend, however.

  5. Yippeeeee! The ticket quotas were met and officer “Tim” can marry his boy friend in Aruba on CLPD’s prize $$$!

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