What Could Go Wrong? — 20 Comments

  1. Since crooks own the casino licenses it only makes sense they hire crooks to steal people’s money.

  2. Illinois – The ever expanding den of thieves.

    Now who wants the privilege of being the first person triggered today? 😁

  3. Another installment of “Bitchin with Abe.” Todays episode is titled. “My dick is limp and so is my intelligence.”

  4. Abe. The troll farm gets more active as the temperature rises. They might have lizard DNA. LOL.

  5. It could be that or they are standing in line at the Taylor Swift concert and need something else to occupy their time.

  6. I thought this was a good thing? Deregulation, remove big government roadblocks that hurt private businesses. They are in the business of taking risks, let them make their own decisions on who to hire. Also, you shouldn’t need a license to operate a boat for charter or operate any business for that matter.

  7. Sorry poop government has turned from Caveat Emptor to Caveat Venditor. Thank a lawyer.

  8. Lil Joey Snowflake feeds his pet gerbil cucumbers. He doesn’t need to let it out of his cage. He just inserts it in there.

  9. Joe, are you projecting again?

    Keep your perverted gay lifestyle to yourself and the barn.

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