Message of the Day – A Banner

At Madison Street and Lake Avenue, this banner appears in Woodstock:

This banner is headed by “LGBTQ Disease Awareness.”

Woodstock’s Gay Pride Parade is June 11th.


Message of the Day – A Banner — 29 Comments

  1. Nice!

    LGBTQ is itself a mental illness.

    Good advertising: disgusting diseases and social disorders await the lgbtq brainwashee.

    But they forgot monkey pox and hepatitis B, among other cute sexually contracted diseases.

    The eternal victims!

    Maybe the LGBTQ ‘community’ of diseased perverts should be shipped en masse to Iran, Cuba, Russia and Hungary. They don’t allow the mincing misfits to wreck their societies.

  2. I’m getting ready to drop my new Horseshoe Theory graphs and maps, which will show where in this Country you’re allowed to marry your first cousin and where it’s a criminal offense, which should nicely explain all this.

  3. Why are they at risk for those diseases?

    Wouldn’t encouraging that behavior also be encouraging the development of those disease listed on the banner?

    Where is my logic wrong?

    Perhaps, purely out of respect and concern for the health of the LGBTQ+ community, we should avoid the encouragement of their inherently risky behavior.

    Factually, where am I wrong?

  4. Nice, cuke. An excellent idea to ship antiAmerican pricks to Iran, Russia, and/or Hungary. I’ll pay for your ticket you backward prick.

  5. Cute you missed another disease…Liberalism. A significant mentally debilitating disease.

  6. Perhaps the UpRising Bakery can open a booth as homo’s a plenty will be prancing around?

  7. Lil Joey Snowflake feeds his gerbil cucumber. He inserts it whole into his gerbils cage.

  8. The WHO declassified Homosexuality as a mental disorder in the 1990s.
    Cuke/Koz/Roo who ever you are today is a mental midget.

    I see JT is still in concerned about everyone’s rectum. How’s the taste troll.

  9. Ask your butt buddy Lil Joey Porkboy. I’m sure you 2 had a great time on Halsted last night after you attended the Taylor Swift concert. Was it raining men? Were you the dancing queen?

  10. Discrimination on a grand order.

    So many, many groups of peoples not acknowledged here in the US of A.

    How about motorcycle pride month.

    Or a Corvette pride month.

    Or a Taylor Swift fans pride month.

    Or a Prep Sports pride month.

    Or a Police Officers pride month.

    Or a Democrat politicians pride month.

    Thousands more types of groupings could be acknowledged. But, not enough months. Not enough weeks in the year. Not enough days in the year. What group, if any would tom belong to?

  11. Bred maybe we can have a mental midget month and you can be the grand marshal at the parade.

    None of those groups have been marginalized or disenfranchised by society in general.

  12. My God, bread. You ,my little prick, are one deep thinker. Perhaps even a math wizard.

  13. ole abe. So glad to see you chime in on this deep conversation. I must admit, I thought you had died from fright. Hey. How about we all send you a dollar, and you can move your spineless ass out of America too.

    Not jt though. He is the “blog” patrol boy and expert on all. Please say I am right jt. I need the reassurance.

  14. Abe has been hiding in JT’s closet. He is scared of burglars. They stole his manhood. No one mentions abe yet he shows up with JT’s pathetic “triggered”. Like anyone cares what abe says. Abe is just JT’s gay robot.

  15. Cubs played San Diego Padres last night and the latter had outfits/uniforms that were mostly white but with accents of orange, light green and yellow.

  16. What’s long, skinny, and smells like JT? Metis skinwalker’s finger.

  17. Old Abe is real genius, Every time he writes “^tRiGGeReD^ 🤣.” It’s because he himself is triggered. Try a little logic you old fool.

  18. “Thanks Cal. This thread has em foaming at the mouth. LOL.”

    Nobody on this blog is more triggered than you short shanks.

    And besides this thread is just a bitching post for you and the rest of the MAGA morons.

    But you keep posting about how you just try to “enlighten” with all that poignant insight. LOL

  19. Porkboy, you are too far gone to wake up to reality. Your cognitive dissonance prevents you from being enlightened. Stick with supporting the drag fags and living your LGBTQABC123 lifestyle. Did you help feed Lil Joey Snowflakes gerbil a cucumber yesterday?

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