Free Ice Cream Eating Contest for Kids at Richardson Farm June 11th

From Kirk Donald, Chairman of the McHenry Township Republican Party:


Free Ice Cream Eating Contest for Kids at Richardson Farm June 11th — 36 Comments

  1. That loony elephant logo is so apropos for the sad, deluded state of the local GOP, which just supported a proclamation affirming anal pride month.

    “Ice cream eating contest”? Really. Gluttonous materialism for multicultural dreamer brats?

    Will GOP transvestite clerk Dan Aylward be there to greet the kiddies in his high heels, pearl necklace and clown wig?

    Will ex-Illinois GOP Treasurer, Dan Rutherford, be there to ‘cake walk’ young teens to his van?

    This thing looks like a groomers’ dream party.

    Will Nick Provenzano be there too?

    Will County Homo Chieftain Brian Fager, er, Brian Sager, the instigator of the Woodstock queer parade when he was Lord Mayor of that declining Sect 8 town, and GOP co. board wire puller be in attendance with his fey friends.

    Will “Cool Bri” bring Haitian house boys to serve as his charming rainbow cupids ‘dressed’ in loin clothes and rainbow winglets?

    Will Pokorny be there to smell up the place and fulminate about the public reaction to his now shuttered cruising spot, “Uprising Queer Bakery & Teen Trans Club”?

    Hey, what’s that weird void on the tractor driving elephant’s head? A hole to symbolise the GOP’s stupidity, or a big fat zero emphasising the GOP’s pansy policies and pussyfooting?

  2. Yes I will, I’ll be running interference for the GOP Drag performers. Lol

  3. Looks like another great opportunity for the ‘UpRising Bakery’ to make a buck and do some pedophile grooming at the same time.

  4. “2-5 P.M.”

    “No, 2y=2y, 5y=5y, y has an infinite number of solutions.”…. 8 year old in China says….

  5. Who you short shanks? You do more trolling than anybody. I’ll await your weekend gay fantasy scenario.

  6. “Will GOP transvestite clerk Dan Aylward be there..”
    “Will ex-Illinois GOP Treasurer, Dan Rutherford, be there..”
    “Will Nick Provenzano be there too?”
    “Will County Homo Chieftain Brian Fager, er, Brian Sager…”
    “Will “Cool Bri” bring Haitian house boys…”

    I guess Leo’s not going unless all his friends are there.

  7. Tea bag Lil Joey Snowflake? You like yours with chocolate sauce don’t you blumpkin boy?

    And poor Lil Porkboy. Did they stop serving Bud Light at Cary Ale House? Between that and the closing of the dragshow bakery you’re becoming unhinged. Did you update your resume to get your next job filling pastries?

    Typical trolls. LOL.? 🤡 🤡

  8. But there’s no proof of election cheating, right Monk? LOL


    New *video evidence* of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested, reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them

    59% of these machines would shut down on election day in GOP areas

    They’ve been CAUGHT…

  9. Triggered, keep trolling loser. 81M hah. still not the president.

  10. JT, you want us trolls to stop? Just stop saying incredibly stupid things. I know a “genius” like you just can’t. it’s the dago blood.

  11. Lol Leopard Man! You nailed it!!!!

    Funny. — they attack you, but don’t dispute what you post.

  12. If there were 81 million votes cast and Jury Summons are issued from the voter rolls. Dammit, how the hell have I been summoned for Jury Duty three times in the past three years?

    Ummm, by the way, that Defense Atty for that sex offender Friday at the Courthouse during Jury Selection, didn’t buy my unbiased answers and must have seen the Hangman’s Nooses in my eyes.

    But the actually is, my questioning the 25-99 sentence guidelines instead of the Death Penalty, exposed my fraud.

  13. LOFL. So when presented with evidence a smart liberal calls TRUTH incredibly stupid things. As I said before. Einsteins.

  14. OVERTaxed, Why would anyone respond to his post. Nothing of substance. But then again you must be a moron also.

  15. “But there’s no proof of election cheating, right Monk? LOL”

    LOL – No, there isn’t. Like 62…65…, nope, like 68 times now? In court – involving thousands of people on both sides. Two, no – three(?) “blockbuster” movies it laying it down with millions (really?) of viewers? And yet here we are.

    It’s nice that Kari Loser keeps you up to date on her death struggle to achieve relevancy and suck up your money to continue her lying loser therapy.

    If Kari Loser’s “war room” actually had anything, why is she still Kari Loser?

  16. LOFL. Tell us all you know about Konnech, Dominion and ES&S and Eugene Yu simpleton Monk. Don’t worry. Google will tell you the truth. I’m now convinced over 95% of IL is filled with IQs below 40.

    When proof is presented simps seek solice in their cognitive dissonant safe space.

    Thanks for trolling sport

  17. If we are dopes why does dickeydoo JT always respond? Does responding to dopes make him a dope? And why do we park in a driveway, but drive in a parkway?

  18. Disgusting JT, but our paltroon Tirio locally claims the elections aren’t rigged.

    Is he evil or stupid?

  19. “Tirio locally claims the elections aren’t rigged.”

    Well, they weren’t. Even Jesse Morgan’s favorite ballot trailer was in Florida at the time, so…..

  20. Yes. 81 million did not want Trump. He has not become any more attractive than he was in 2020.

  21. Got it troll. 2020 was pure as the driven snow in your dope addled mind. Ding Ding Ding. I responded. What a tool. IL liberals are fun to toy with.

  22. Every recount balanced. Entire states.

    Start cooking up excuses for the next election. The old ones didn’t work.

  23. You’re like the Pontiac brass who doubled down on the Aztek.

  24. So cute. JT made a new friend, Overtaxed senior. JT loves the old idiots. Cindy, Abe, now Overtaxed senior. The nut job blog posse is growing.

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