Monday Night Cary Meeting on Private School Scholarships

From Bruce Johnson of We the People, McHenry County:

Private School Scholarship Options

Join Us 6 PM Monday Night To Learn About How To Potentially Fund Your K-12 Children’s Private Education Through The Tax Credit Scholarship Process.

McHenry County Board member Terri Greeno will be speaking.

Galati’s, 800 Feinberg Court, Cary.


Monday Night Cary Meeting on Private School Scholarships — 10 Comments

  1. overtaxed senior, you are late for bingo in the rec room. They have soft serve ice cream waiting. Cindy has hard candies to share.

  2. Overtaxed Senior walks into Joseph’s kitchen, with cigarette dangling from mouth, wearing his moms bathrobe…

    “You’ll have to make your own dinner kid, she’s a little tired out….so where does she keep the liquor”?

  3. But what will Greeno do when the Jews forbid private schools (except for themselves of course)?

  4. On a serious note, maybe Joseph can post a few selfies from yesterday’s Taylor Swift Concert.

  5. Funny how the gay contingent of Joe and company always come out of the shadows to hector and ridicule,Alinskylike, every time a nerve is touched or a truth posted.

  6. Overtaxed senior, you must be new.

    This blog has been a clown show since the beginning.

    Most come here for the nut jobs who comment, not the content.

    You are no better with your put downs and name calling since you magically appeared.

    You aint special.

    No one takes cal or this blog seriously.

    You are just a fart in the wind.

  7. “every time a nerve is touched or a truth posted.”

    what truth?

    This is all complaining, bitching, inuendo and general bullshit.

    This hasn’t been a political blog in years.

    Racism, homophobia, mysogeny are the rule of the day.


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