Message of the Day – Take-Home Pay

From Steven Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline #787:

Workers Still Getting Flattened by Bidenomics

A report last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on productivity got overlooked with all of the debt deal hooplas. 

But what was remarkable was the whopper revision in hourly compensation.  

Instead of a 4.9% rise in wages, they DECLINED by -0.7% in the quarter.

The real compensation (after inflation) was -4.7%. [Emphasis added.]

That’s quite a pay cut. 

Now look at the comparison of wage increases under Trump versus the wage cuts under Obama.

Reagan used to bludgeon Jimmy Carter about the decline in “real take-home pay” during the Carter years.

Every conservative should be talking about that same syndrome under Biden. 

Pehaps this explains the survey research finding that those self-identifying as “working class” favor Republican policy over that of the Democrats.


Message of the Day – Take-Home Pay — 8 Comments

  1. Ummm… no. Read the actual USPS report. Investigation Closed – could not corroborate claims.

    How did I know to check on JTPundit’s accuracy?

    To quote the gateway pundit article:

    “They claim….”

    “They claim…”

    “They claim…”

    “It’s believed…”

    Real hard-hitting journalism..ooops.. allegelism.

  2. As I said. Queue the trolls like the one that claims Salvi’s pay their fair share. What no response on the Kari Lake video Monk? Yea I didn’t think so.

  3. “What no response on the Kari Lake video Monk?”

    I had a lengthy response when you posted a link just before. Since you’re the master of cut and paste, go ahead and post it here.

    Don’t skimp, use bold.

  4. 36% of libtards still Stupid.. or just don’t wanna work and want the free free free.. snap…

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