Bears’ Subsidy Small Compared to What Jacksonville Jaguars Want

Florida Politics Last Call reports that Jacksonville’s football team wants taxpayers to foot 50% of the cost of a new stadium.

“Conservative group Americans for Prosperity-Florida is pushing back against a proposed stadium deal between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville, equating potential city funding to a corporate handout.

First reported by Florida Politics, the Jaguars rolled out plans for a multibillion-dollar stadium upgrade and sports district development that the NFL franchise bills as a “re-imagination of the entire stadium and adjacent property.”

“Documents obtained by Florida Politics put the overall cost of the project — which could interfere with Jags home games for up to four seasons — at $2.068 billion.

“It would be a 50-50 cost share between the city and the team, with taxpayers covering up to $934 million of the stadium portion and an additional $100 million to develop the surrounding entertainment district. At the low end, the city’s share would be $875 million.”


Bears’ Subsidy Small Compared to What Jacksonville Jaguars Want — 22 Comments

  1. NFL owner says “build me a $2 B stadium”

    *10 years later*

    NFL owner says “this place is a craphole, I need helipads and docks for yachts or I’ll ask your neighborhood voters in Moronville what they think. And while you’re at it, throw in one of those Jerry Jones Cowboys style chain of NFL merchandise superstores you ungrateful idiots”.

  2. They whore’d themselves out to Marxist BLM. Ask them for the money that the overdosed felon George Floyd enriched them with.

    Same thing with the Bears. Let them move out of state. IL would be better without the McCaskeys.

  3. And the billions in revenue they generate and jobs they provide. Brilliant insight. Tell us more truths.

  4. Stephen proves that there is NO END to the gullibility of dimwitted Babbitts convinced that taxpayer-paid NFL stadiums, ‘pay for themselves’.

  5. Find something better to do in life than watch grown men play childs’ games. Even wasting time on this blog would be better.

  6. Not much of a genius are you. I was responding to Junior Thinker you asshole.

    I’m not for the state subsidizing, douchebag.

    I’m responding to Bears should move.

    Economics not either of yours forte.

    Lose billions if revenue and jobs. That would be good for the state.

    No beer and hotdog sales, distributors lose so their employees lose. They spend less. etc.

    Jobs lost so the employees not spending money and paying taxes. etc.

    It’s more than just about the McCaskeys.

    Another genius response from the in the know guy.

  7. LOFL. RENT FREE. Keep punching sport. I prefer watermelon myself. It’s pride month troll. You seem a little angry for a guy that has a whole month dedicated to his lifestyle

  8. It’s funny you brought hot dogs into your posts. Do you prefer the Jumbo foot long during your weekend trists angry little man?

  9. I’m guessing Stephen must have just realized, he spent the rent and car payment, at that Taylor Swift show.

    Glitter bombs, indeed.

  10. Douche bags triggered on cue. Don’t respond to the economic factors involved in the bears leaving ILL. Too stupid to understand.

    Yeah short shanks your in the know.

    No I was fucking your wife that night.

  11. LOFL. Angry little man can’t let go DJ. I think you’re on to something DJ. Maybe his boyfriend dumped him after the Swiftie show.

  12. And you 2 call us trolls. Look in the mirror. LOL You respond 2 and 3 times to most posts and all of who you consider a “troll” . You really need to get a life. I’d have fucked yours short shanks but I know she left you years ago.
    Trigger short shanks

  13. I didn’t drop out of High School just to become a Hot Dog Vender Stephen.

    I aspired for and achieved all my success, as a Freelance Rest Room Attendant, whereby endless blackmail opportunities, have financed my extensive John Wayne Gacy Art Collection and Gallery business.

  14. Jt and DJ have now formed a kind of symbiotic relationship. Which one is the bitch?

  15. “Freelance Rest Room Attendant, ” Is that a reference for “I like to hang out in men’s rooms?

  16. Lol. DJ lives in TX. I live in this shithole state. Does symbiotics work long distance?

    DJ. I believe the biggest troll on this site Porkboy is really upset over being dumped by his jumbo hot dog vendor after the Swiftie show. Maybe Tom and Lil Joey will need his head in their laps on next drive down to Halsted to comfort him.

    Don’t worry Porkboy. There are more Jumbo Foot Longs down there for you to man date.

  17. I like Stephen. He’s like that character Ernest in that movie Ernest Rides Again. Barely fazed by nails bending, after being fired at his skull.

    Good thing they hit the hard end as he says.

  18. “Does symbiotics work long distance?” You 2 probably jiggle your junk on zoom and talk dirty. Which one is the bitch?

  19. I only hack into random corporate conference zoom calls, with a 60’s Russ Myers Buxom Blonde background and paper bag over my head.

    Never fails to get a laugh.

  20. DJ I think Porkboy is suffering with Jeff Toobin PTSD. We know he watches CNN. I don’t think he ever got over not being on the Zoom conference call with his prized stick puller.

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