Track the Smoke from Canada’s Forest Fires

You can track it here at the New York Times.

USA Today wonders if the fires were caused by climate change.

Steven Moore in his Unleash Prosperity Hotline #789 disabuses that notion:

No, Climate Change Didn’t Cause the Canadian Wildfires

One of many reasons not to take the climate change alarmists seriously is they keep resorting to cockamamie narratives and spurious arguments to create a sense of impending crisis.

Here’s a typical example from the media, in this case, a USA Today headline:

The story includes a preposterous tweet from Catherine McKenna, Canada’s former climate minister: “Climate change is real and having a huge impact on Canadians right now with forest fires burning across the country.”

Right, except when we checked with the fact-checkers at Climate Change Depot, here’s the reality check: 

Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

You can see from the chart that yes there have been a high number of fires this year up north. However, last year there were a record LOW number of fires.


Track the Smoke from Canada’s Forest Fires — 23 Comments

  1. Let’s put this 70-year-old controversy to rest.

    Smokey Bear’s middle name is ‘The”.

    You don’t say Winnie Pooh or Jack Ripper, it’s Smokey The Bear.

  2. And here I thought Cheech [Monk] and Chong [Porkboy] were doing a cross country trip in the shaggin wagon filled with a boatload of dope getting high with the windows down on their way to the NY version of Halsted for a visit. I’m glad the ecoterrorists straightened that out.

  3. Fun Fact: Don’t know if any old timers remember the 50’s Ad Council’s Smokey the Bear jingle, but the same writing team brought you Frosty the Snowman.

  4. These fires can be blamed on eco terrorists who are going to start fires here too. Just watch out West.

  5. LOL. It’s Rods from God. Whatever happened to the Ammonium Nitrate that disappeared from that train car? Funny it burns the same color.

    I also love how the PGA merger with LIV gets 911 back in the news cycle. Why is that?

    Have smart people figured out the FF operation? I have. It’s priceless watching people remain asleep and not even understand it.

    Schiff is about to be sacrificed. LOL.

  6. Kari Lake isn’t governor and Trump still isn’t president.

  7. I’m not going to argue with any climate nuts over a little smog, as long as they assure me the entire liberal hellscape of Canada burns down.

    Unfortunately Canada’s older sister France, can’t be included in this deal.

  8. DJ. Porkboy has been licking his Greta Thunberg bobblehead doll all day between drinking Bud Lights. 81m votes. Prove it Porkboy. That ought to be good.

  9. “Prove it Porkboy”

    Something like 65 court cases have proven it.

  10. “Whatever happened to the Ammonium Nitrate that disappeared from that train car?”

    Your wife bought it. Oops I’d! It was supposed to be a surprise.

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    It’s priceless a liberal is using GOD as a crutch.

  12. I’m a conservative. Always have been. It’s in my nature to be so.

    I’ve not become whatever it is you idiots think you are.

  13. Mellow has become otiose.

    Pokorny has become a bore.

    Must they seek constant attention here with jejune scribblings?


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    Quick change the topic back to Kari Lake who is winning. LOFL

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    To rephrase, then: Why did Trump have to pay $130,000 for a blow job? For “meh” product, as you describe?

    For $65k, many people enjoyed hot dogs AND pizza from Chicago.

    Trump didn’t get to eat anything at all.

  16. When the big rust belt and east coast cities burn because of minority rioting, will the Canadians be paid back?

  17. If it’s not climate change causing the fires, then it must be either systemic racism or MAGA Republicans.

    All of the world’s problems can be blamed on one of those three things. Just ask a liberal if you don’t believe me.

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