GOP Debate Watch Party in Crystal Lake — 22 Comments

  1. I’ll be watching Tucker on Twitter instead of the Ronna Romney approved candidates be beat down by useless FOX News’ anchor Brett Baeir.

  2. Actually, it’ll be refreshing without tRumpty. We might actually talk about reality for once.

  3. It’s ridiculous that Asa Hutchinson is supposedly going to be in the debate but not Perry Johnson.

  4. Let’s send Marc Avelar off the deep end shall we? Here comes his next no comment allowed post. LOFL. Wait for it.
    Laura Loomer

    10 AM

    Fulton County Jail
    901 Rice St NW Atlanta, GA 30318

    I will be in Fulton County covering the processing of President Trump in Georgia! Please show up and peacefully rally in support of Trump!

  5. As-samalu alaykum.

    Dear Cal-iph Skinner,

    It is we. The Cal-iphate.

    We witness this flyer and there will be NO free food.

    Is this pleasing to Allah?

    Will you place fatwah onto oddly named “Shorty” character?

    You of all do know is written, “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day, let him honor his guest.”

  6. JT, I don’t know who either of these people are. That being said, is it worth mentioning them over and over again?? If anything, it seems that you only seek to amplify their voice, is that true?

  7. “Monk from a dope addled fool like you that comment is PRICELESS.” If Monk is in fact dope addled he is still 100x smarter than you. What’s your excuse? Just plain stupid?

  8. At least we will get to hear the candidates offer insight into their positions.

    We already know Trumpty’s position.

    “I’m a victim, everybody else isn’t as great as me, Fulfill my egotistical destiny.”

  9. I’d rather watch an old video of Stephen pledging Pi Pi Pi and the pillow fight after, then his reaction when he found out the pillows were provided by Mike Lindell.

  10. No Democrat debates.

    Too bad no Democrats have announced their run for president in 2024.

    Apparently the big bosses of the Democrat Party do not want any challengers to the old, decrepit, dementia Joe.

  11. Poop. Marc Avelar is John Lopez the blog censor. Laura Loomer owned him on Twitter for bad mouthing him. Hope that clears it up.

    Porkboy is angry again today. Did he lose his gerbil again or is he getting heat stroke? It could be a combination. Lil Joey Snowflake why don’t you go over and have a Bud Light with him and watch pride parade reruns.

  12. JT, you have serious mental issues. It’s a shame about your hippocampus shrinkage. You don’t even realize what a pathetic loser you are and deny living your sad life on a blog. Maybe putting some pants on, getting off of Twitter, and leaving this blog will help you function as a somewhat normal person in the outside world. Please seek help and talk to someone about your constant desires and sexual thoughts regarding homoerotica and Epstein. Your antagonism has caused you family to disown you and shame you. Its a fact that people who believe in conspiracies have a stronger need to feel special and have a personality that falls into the spectrum of schizotypy. We here at the blog urge you to seek help regarding your homosexual obsessive compulsive disorder. Its obvious and troubling. It’s sad and somewhat humorous that you have become a mockery of yourself. I hope this message finds you and leads you down the right path to recovery. LOSER. LOL.

  13. LOFL. Living RENT FREE in Lil Joey Snowflake’s brain is too much fun. Keep projecting Snowflake. That was alot of pent up frustration in your last post. Trump 2024. Enjoy the Show. I am. PS Lil Joey, you are part of it.

  14. Joseph…..
    Thank you for your post on 8/23 @ 12:27 pm
    Loved it !!!!!

    JT…..your post on 8/22 @ 7:41 pm

    DJT is no longer the President…. get over it!!!!

    Or are we all going to see your mug photo next to his as we all saw on the news.

    And if you ask me, he didn’t look like a happy camper….

    looked EVIL.

    He pouts like a little spoiled brat If he doesn’t get his way.

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