UPDATED: Gary Rabine Co-Hosting Ron DeSantis Fundraiser in Florida as Early Poll Confirms DeSantis Won Republican Presidential Debate

Ron DeSantis

“Lopez-logic” from previous day’s article backed up in initial post-debate polling showing DeSantis won debate and ready to beat Donald Trump in 2024

DeSantis campaign reports raising over $1 million within 24 hours after the debate in Milwaukee

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez

Gary Rabine

UPDATE: Aug 25, 3:54PM CDT

GARY RABINE Raising Funds for DeSantis

POLITICO Florida Playbook broke the story this morning McHenry County-based businessman Gary Rabine (R, Bull Valley), unsuccessful Republican candidate for Illinois governor in 2022, is hosting a fundraider for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis early next week.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis is preparing to accept campaign donations in cryptocurrency.

“It’s all expected to start at a cocktail-hour fundraiser next week in Miami, a city 2024 GOP presidential campaign rival Mayor Francis Suarez has tried to turn into the “crypto capital.”

What they’re saying: Organizers declined to share the fundraiser’s precise date and location, but Robert Salvador, CEO of software construction company DigiBuild and one of the event’s hosts, said in an interview that DeSantis is expected to field questions about the economy, artificial intelligence and crypto.

“ ‘We’re going to lean into the tech community and get into the Miami-Dade crowd,’ said Salvador, who moved his business from Chicago to Miami during the pandemic. ‘The campaign really understands that tech is driving a lot of the growth in Southern Florida,’ he added.

“Salvador is co-hosting the fundraiser with Gary Rabine, chairman of paving company Rabine Group and former GOP candidate for Illinois governor; Richard Ring, CEO of F3 Missing Children’s Intelligence Agency; and John Montague, a Florida-based business and securities attorney who specializes in crypto.”

POLITICO Florida Playbook, Aug 25, 2023


Former Illinois resident Robert Salvador, who moved his company and himself to Florida because of the safety and freedoms of Miami compared with Chicago, was interviewed Friday by Bill Mitchell on his YourVoice America podcast, where Salvador discusses his attending the presidential debate in Milwaukee this past Wednesday night.

The interview lasts just over 30 minutes, and gives direct insight into the debate, and the after-debate fundraising which resulted in over $1 million being raised by the DeSantis campaign within 24 hours after winning the debate. He also discusses next week’s fundraiser.

The interview was posted on X (formerly Twitter) mid Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

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After the publication of yesterday’s article with my assessment of the debate, the first post-debate poll after Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee is in, proving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the winner.

Source: Post-debate FiveThirtyEight/Washington Post/Ipsos poll sample size 775 margin of error +/- 2.4%

The poll finding confirms the assessment from yesterday’s article that while DeSantis won the debate, it was not a convincing win. While I thought former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley did better than Ramaswamy, the poll respondents thought different.

Some may say the 29% best performance by DeSantis is just outside the margin of error over 2nd place in the poll Ohio-based businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. The cash card in favor of DeSantis over Ramaswamy is in the change in unfavorables and favorables before and after the debate:

Source: Post-debate FiveThirtyEight/Washington Post/Ipsos poll sample size 775 margin of error +/- 2.4%

While DeSantis’s unfavorable rating from poll respondents dropped just over 2 percentage points, his favorable rating grew by nearly 5 percentage points. DeSantis’ favorable to unfavorable was direct contrast with debate no-show Ex-President Donald Trump.

Haley had the sharpest growth in favorability rating during the debate, growing nearly 14 percentage points. Her unfavorable rating grew slightly by nearly 2.5 percentage points.

Ramaswamy while having a solid favorable rating growth by 10 percentage points, his unfavorable rating shot up nearly 3-fold to 31.8%.

Between now and September 27, when the 2nd Republican presidential debate will take place in Simi Valley, CA, Ramaswamy will undergo long overdue scrutiny over his past record, which a podcaster brought up in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter):


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