Illinois Presidential Poll

From CorStrategies:

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Hold Sizeable Leads, but Movement Among Secondary Options in New Illinois Presidential Poll

Cor Strategies Releases Poll Results Which Show Illinoisans’ Preferred Candidates and Whether They Would Support Gov Pritzker Running for President

Inverness — Illinois political experts Cor Strategies released the first Illinois presidential poll following last week’s first Republican Presidential Debate on Live from the Lincoln Desk today.

Headlining the poll results, 81% of Democrats say they will vote to nominate Joe Biden and 53% of Republicans support Donald Trump. 

Trump does slightly worse in the head-to-head matchup than the next Republican candidate, DeSantis: Biden holds a 20-point lead (55%-35%) over Trump but that lead slips nearly 2 points if his opponent is DeSantis (53%-35%).

“Republicans aren’t winning the presidential race in Illinois,” said Cor Strategies founder Collin Corbett. 

“But an improvement at the top of the ticket would help our candidates down ballot in November of 2024. In this poll we saw a Republican nominee not named Trump improve the Republican numbers by 4-5% among Independents, 5% among moderates, and 7% among Hispanics. That swing would be significant in battleground congressional, legislative, and judicial districts.”

The poll drilled down a level further, asking Republicans and Democrats who they would support if Trump and Biden were not in the running.

For Republicans, 

  • 26% would nominate Ron DeSantis, followed by
  • Vivek Ramaswamy (16%),
  • Mike Pence (10%) and
  • Nikki Haley (10%).

On the Democratic side, 

  • Kamala Harris (28%) is the leading choice, followed by
  • JB Pritzker (14%),
  • Stacey Abrams (9%) and
  • Bernie Sanders (9%).

“At this point, it seems to be a matter of ‘when’ Pritzker will run for president rather than ‘if,’ so we asked Democrats and Independents what they think about him running at some point in the future, and the results are interesting,” said Corbett. 

“Pritzker has done a great job courting progressives, and as a result 72% of Illinois Democrats support him running for president.

But appeasing the far left comes at a cost, and you see that in these numbers: Independents strongly oppose him running (15% support to 60% opposition).”

For an in-depth analysis of this poll, including a deep dive into the demographic splits for the results, watch Collin Corbett analyze the results on Live from the Lincoln Desk here.


Illinois Presidential Poll — 39 Comments

  1. Being part of the uniparty is a mental disorder. Trump is being persecuted and the MSM which idiots rely on is doing 0 reporting on the crime family known as the Bidens. Where are the indictments for these uniparty morons?

  2. Oh and thanks cal for keeping the Marc Avelar / John Lopez Trollfarm, LLC from posting this. We all know dissenting opinion gives him indigestion.

  3. How did RFK, Jr. Get canceled?

    Who in the his or her right mind would ever vote for Pence or Nikky?

  4. Newsome would be just as likely a consideration. Either of them on-stage with Harris? You could put a toddler up against Harris.

    RFK Jr cancels himself.

    Anybody but tRump is polling well so far.

  5. Trump rocks.

    Who gives a rats ass about the “political impact” Trump’s presidential nomination would have on failed, miserable, hopelessly spiraling shit-hole states like Illinois, NY, Connecticut, NJ, California, etc.

    The GOP in those states are incestuously surviving like a Stockholm Syndrome abused slave. There is no hope for Illinois and no hope for the GOP in Illinois. Illinois is finished.

    Ahahahahahahaha. Get out now! That’s the only move a rational person can take.

  6. So, a majority of demo-rats rejected Pres. Vegetable.

    Was this poll taken at an Operation Push food giveaway?

  7. “So, a majority of demo-rats rejected Pres. Vegetable.”

    No, it says The Big Gourd will win both Primary and General.

    The final proposition was that IF The Big Gourd or Gangsta Orange Jesus weren’t on the ballot, THEN who….

  8. These “Billionaires “ all have a fantasy of being POTUS. Bloomberg came out early and remember that Obama endorsed him OVER Joker Joe.
    Bloomberg spent somewhere north of ten million then dropped out when he could only get about 2% and didn’t even make the Iowa Caucuses.

    Don’t forget Mark Cuban keeps throwing out overtures that he might run but never takes the plunge. Good because his “No National Anthem “ at his stadium basketball games cleared the crowd like a turd in the pool.

    Now along comes Pritzker. I believe the national polls will not be so kind on his anti police, anti criminal ,sanctuary status for illegals. Let’s not forget that cesspool, Chicago.

    Vivek Ramaswamy comes along and flashes his pearly whites and mimics Joel Olsteen thinking his I’m really a poor boy from immigrant parents that made it rich will buy him the Whitehouse.

  9. Then it points out that if up against Biden, DeSantis enjoys a slight advantage over tRump as a general election theoretical.

  10. “These “Billionaires “ all have a fantasy of being POTUS.”

    And look what happened last time.

  11. CLM, that is a priceless observation: “The GOP in those states are incestuously surviving like a Stockholm Syndrome abused slave.”

    Those cheated elections as the uniparty keeps claiming are boomeranging on them. I love when their own words expose them for who they are. The uniparty that is.

    And what’s going on with Mitch McConnell? Two episodes in less than a month. Enjoy the Show. It’s really ramping up.

  12. I’m not seeing here, the statistically significant positive trend vectors, among the suburban Hispanic transgender GenX segment, that just arrived from Mexico that Dems are counting on.

  13. DJ stop confusing the dope addled fool. He lives on the blog to cover up TRUTH. Watch the 2 videos at the top of the comments which make Monk and the Marc Avelar / John Lopez squad go off the deep end.

  14. Mellow has to be one of the libtardiest fools in the County.

    On par with “Van Hoff” alias “The Urch.”

  15. Oh My Gosh – an article about the presidential election where you can actually comment!

    Lock the comments quick before someone says something that offends the writer of the article!

  16. LOL Gasser. I don’t agree with you on much accept for the Marc Avelar / John Lopez censorship. He’s a Snowflake. I bet he’s related to Nina Jankowitz. Go away Avelar. Hiding behind a no comment policy shows what an insecure fool you are. Stick to X. You can block opinion on your handle @MarcVAvelar and enjoy your safe space echo chamber

  17. Jt and Gasser are fools.

    They represent the MAGA loonies and cartoonies.

    Proud Boy scum. Buehler and Kenneally know what’s what.

    They obcess over Hunter and dont see the big picture that Trumpty is going to jail!!!!

  18. Trump doing 2 points worse than DeSantis sounds like… not significant.

    idk if statbros are reading this and want to weigh in, but it just doesn’t sound like a lot.

    That’s got to be within the margin of error.

    That he’s only doing 2 points better kind of does away with the theory that he’s a much more electable candidate.

    idk how Colin sees this poll and views it as confirmation — other than the fact that Colin is biased against Trump.

    I know this because I’ve seen Colin at irl events and he bashed Trump back then.

    In particular, he was very upset that Trump wanted to build a wall.

    When people say DeSantis is going to do better with women or in the suburbs, it sounds like wishful thinking to me.

    How quickly you all forget how ANY Republican gets treated by the media.

    Whoever gets the nomination will be working against the media ratcheted up to 11 calling them fascist.

    Doesn’t matter if they are libertarian, moderate, or conservative, or an outsider or part of the “uniparty.”

    Doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight, white or brown, male or female, young or middle aged or old. They will have a target on their back.

    Even if we assume DeSantis polls 2 points better than Trump (and btw this poll is only looking at Illinois which is not in play anyway), you’re not taking into consideration that the press hasn’t gone after him with their full force yet.

    What happens when they start blasting non-stop that he’s going to get rid of social security and abortion?

    One thing we can say about Trump is he is battle tested and he makes the swing states close.

    Before Trump you weren’t even entertaining the idea of Wisconsin.

    Ohio, Florida, and Iowa were swing states!

    The flip-side to that is we’ve also seen AZ and GA swing to the left, but 2020 was an undeniably wacky year.

    Remember the economy got shut down and everyone was afraid of dying and there were riots all over the place.

    Without that, Trump would have won.

    Now what are they going to do in 2024?

    If those conditions were present in 2024, it would harm Biden.

    He can’t run that playbook.

    Biden needs things to be GOOD, but the Democratic agenda is one that promotes disorder and death.

    He’s kind of trapped.

    And, he will only get more senile, and people will only become more aware of his corruption.

    It can only go one direction, and that direction is away from Biden, the most evil and corrupt president in American history.

    Just like COVID. People don’t wake up and become more pro-lockdown as this drags on.

    People don’t become MORE supportive of sending Ukraine money.

    It only goes in one direction.

    The elites are panicking.

    They know if they lose power they’ll be swinging from a tree.

    That is why you see them acting so desperately.

  19. Well we now know Save Townships is smoking crack and having sex with underage girls just like the son of the 81m legitimate vote potted plant. Keep up the good work sport.

    Here’s a question. Who infiltrated the proud boys? It’s an alphabet agency beginning with an F.

    Why are IL people such morons with no clue or grasp of reality? LOL

    Here comes the Marc Avelar/John Lopez syndicate to throw responses.

    We need to give Save Townships a VP position in the LLC.

  20. Avelar is a fake and a cuckservative.

    How fi I know this?

    We had a conversation last year at a dull GOP event.

    I came away from our talk with the conclusion that the GOP around here are total losers.

    Until the cheating is stopped at elections, there’s no reason to take part in the charade farce by voting.

    Ever hear of the Great Replacement?


  21. Mellow monk….good question, if Trump is guilty of daring to question elections, we need to charge Stacey Abrams, Hillary and a whole host of Dems on record and on tape circulating on Twitter denying elections. Let’s go get ‘em all.

  22. The problem is that he and his crack team did more than just whine about losing.

  23. Tell us all you know about Raffensberger in GA Monk. Pull a bong before you run to Google. Hint. Laura Loomer exposed him in the video I posted.

    What a dope addled fool you are.

  24. Tell us the all things you know that mean nothing in the aggregate. Your colored yarns are stringing together random sh*t found in the car trunk of a garbage-picking hoarder of broken and irrelevant things.

  25. Time for another bong. Visio. LOL. Time to do your last bong of the day and go nappy time simp. Dream about Laura Loomer as you snuggle your obese wife or furry cat. LOL again.

  26. “Guys, they’ve recounted the fraudulent votes and it says here Biden still won.”

    Yes, we know there were recounts.

  27. What did 2000 Mules show in GA? What about burst pipes in Fulton County? Videos don’t lie unless you’re blind

  28. Tell us all you now about operation “Get Shorty”, it’s mind blowing.

  29. Operation Get Shorty is a brief op where Lil Joey Snowflake rings your doorbell and you invite him in. After a brief conversation he walks over looking longingly at you. He drops to his knees, unzips your fly and out pops your chode you nickname Shorty. He proceeds to mind blow Shorty while you rest your Bud Light on his flat head. It has been rumored that it is an ongoing op for decades.

  30. Correcting, I enjoy some of your comments, but I don’t read them when you don’t organize them with paragraphs: TLDR.

    They remind me of a dot matrix printer spitting out…whatever.

  31. Stan, try and keep up.

    Froggy, are you Madame Evertsen?

    Yes you are!!!

    Scat rat!

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