Pritzker, The Orkin Man for Republicans

From columnist Russ Stewart:


Call him the Orkin Man of Illinois politics.

Governor JB Pritzker (D) knows pests when he sees them and is eagerly and gratuitously using some of his $5 billion fortune to exterminate them.

In other words, fumigate the state and eradicate every one of those annoying Republican pests already bordering on the extinct.

And also keep himself in power.

Imagine the apocalyptic sputtering and livid outrage of the media and the Far Left if a billionaire Republican was using his money to exterminate “progressive” Democrats.

They would wail that it’s a threat to democracy.

But it’s quite OK if a billionaire Democrat spends his money to elect Leftist Democrats who will tax all those bloated capitalistic Republican billionaires.

That’s “democracy in action,” they say.

But don’t “soak” OUR rich.

Of course any party in power tries to exterminate their political opponents.

Trump did it.

Biden is doing it.

So JB Pritzker is doing it as well.

Pritzker, age 58, is the epitome of pampered rich White privilege based entirely on his DNA.

His father founded the Hyatt Hotel chain.

Young Pritzker became a multi-millionaire by inheritance and then a multi-billionaire by using that dough as a investment banker.

The family always donated copiously to Democrats. Sister Penny was rewarded by being U.S. Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration. 

JB self-funded $75 million to be elected governor in 2018 and over $135 million in 2022. Now he wants to be president. Not a chance.

JB makes Ron DeSantis look positively charismatic.

Bruce Rauner’s message about JB Pritzker’s toilet resonated with this resident.

(As an aside, remember that J.B. bought the mansion next to his Gold Coast mansion and then ripped out the plumbing to make it “unlivable” and cut its property taxes.)

If he goes national the media will certainly scrutinize his income tax payments. Did he pay his FAIR SHARE? And let’s hope he avoids any Biden-like TV clips of him around some beach. 


Pritzker, The Orkin Man for Republicans — 22 Comments

  1. The pathological narcissism it takes to spend a quarter billion of your own cash, just to rule over a dying 80’s shopping mall of a State, is beyond belief.

  2. JB is ‘porkin’ his way thru common sense, just like a hog in a pigpen of 💩

  3. Jumbo Boy personifies those of his ilk, and yet not one will call him out publicly for his misdeeds.

    This tells you all you need to know about who and what they really are and what they strive to
    do to America.

  4. He will long be remembered, decades and centuries later, for toilets.

    Not only personally, but for he and weird democrats promoting bills to have dual gender toilets wherein an old guy or any guy could be in the same restroom as a little girl.


  5. Remember. IL is the CA of the midwest. Watch JB push this crap next.

    California State Senate passes bill to remove parents from custody of their own children if they object to a medical transition on their child.

    Democrat state senators voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill that will classify parents as child abusers if they do not affirm their child’s gender identity.

    AB 957, co-authored by democrat state senators Scott Wiener and Lori Wilson, is now set to head to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk and he is expected to sign it into law.

    The law will be used during child custody cases between parents to encourage courts to side with the parent who does affirm the child’s gender identity and punish the parent that refuses to transition their child.

    Source: Fox News

  6. Let’s play the FBI tapes of him trying to buy him a pension job with blago for 12k….just to name a few law breaking examples not to mention pot.illegals all breaking laws…

  7. Somehow Cal can’t dare mention the Tribe that enslaves us all.

    The Tribe that can never be mentioned.

    The 1 ton elephant in the room.

    The odious Tribe desperately tries to head off The Great Reaction that will sweep them from power by weaponizing Hollywood, the intelligence ‘community’, the rotten “Jewdiciary”, the lying msm, the marxist wastelands of academe, the corporate scum like Larry Fink at Blackrock, the trannyized military, etc, etc.

    But they throwing jet fuel on the social conflagration they ignited!

  8. “The Tribe that can never be mentioned.”

    Yet you never stop, and no one stops you. Why are you whining?

    “The 1 ton elephant in the room.”

    You are one ton of elephant shit. On a good day.

  9. JB is actually bringing Illinois back. Every rehabber in Chicago takes advantage of the plumbing rule. Ask trump .

  10. The people calling Illinois the new California. They’re not too far off. But it’s not the whole state. It’s Chicago we need to get rid of Chicago. Because that’s all he cares about. Downstate Most of us, did not vote for that F—.

  11. The Illinois electorate is too stupid and there are too many loser sheep.
    We’d elect Fetterman in a nursing home or a dead person before voting for a Republican.

    We will fail as a state because of this.

  12. The Tribe which can never be exposed as the rats they are.

    Getting the boot from 103 distinct and separate countries, principalities, etc.

    Ask yourself why!

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