Pritzker Allow Illegals Health Care without Paying Anything

Frolm State Senator Tom Bennett:

HFS halts co-pay requirement on state-funded undocumented immigrant healthcare program

On Sept. 5, the Governor’s Administration sent a notice to hospitals regarding the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults and Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors Programs, informing them not to collect co-pays from patients enrolled in the program.

The program provides top-notch healthcare to undocumented immigrants ages 42 and older in Illinois.

Back in June, Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) filed emergency administrative rules to set maximum co-pay amounts for certain services in an attempt to rein in state costs of the ballooning program, which was expected to cost $1.1 billion this fiscal year. Previously, undocumented immigrants in the program were allowed free services without co-pays.

However, even though the emergency rules went into effect immediately, HFS is now informing providers that the cost-sharing portion of the rules were never meant to be implemented immediately and is on hold until further notice.

$550 million was allocated to the program in this fiscal year’s budget, despite projections showing costs over $1 billion.

To attempt to lower these costs, the Pritzker Administration filed a variety of new rules, but has failed to provide an updated financial outlook of the program.

Given the recent pushback by many in the Governor’s own party over his “cost saving measures” and the lack of transparency, Sen. Bennett says he isn’t confident that the program will stay within the $550 million allocated to the program.

He adds that it is likely just a matter of time before the Governor and the Majority Party come back to the Legislature asking for more money.


Pritzker Allow Illegals Health Care without Paying Anything — 11 Comments

  1. Again more benefits for illegals and nothing for those here legally except to pay the bills.

  2. Get ready for hospitals in Illinois to go bankrupt and close.

    There is nothing that Jumbo Boy, his ilk and the DEMOCTARTS won’t destroy in
    furtherance of their insatiable quest for ever more power.

  3. Oh no, hospitals are closing Abe. You better stock up on tissues and band-aids.

  4. Perhaps Kenneally could write a article on this but won’t as he’s too frightened to challenge the Governor and face retaliation IMO. Along with his ‘Platitude of The Day’ of course. ‘Sacrifice today for a better tomorrow’ or ‘If I only knew then what I know now.’ Gripping!

  5. This F.Bstrd, needs to be impeached now and jailed… thank a libtard voter …!

  6. The population has been conditioned to consider it “racist” to object to allowing illegal aliens from different cultures to enter the USA, and giving them taxpayers’ money.

  7. Hospitals have closed and it is a problem when they do. Why would you minimize a problem like that?

  8. On this day of remembrance of 911, we have a leader and the Democrat Party who is allowing millions of peoples from around the world to easily come in to our country with no vetting. Don’t know who they are. Some have shown to be terrorists and bad dudes. Finally, some Democrat leaders such as in New York finally see the light and have said that Biden’s open borders is destroying his city. The intent is to destroy America. There can be no other explanation.

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