Poverty Up Among All Age Groups Since Biden Took Office

From Steven Moore’s Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #855:

Biden Is The Poverty President 

It’s almost laughable that just two weeks ago Biden was using his weird whisper to boast about the secret of Bidenomics: “It’s working.”

For whom, exactly? 

Not poor people.

The poverty measure soared in the new report for every measurable group.

  • Old people.
  • Blacks.
  • Hispanics.
  • Whites.
  • Children.
  • Single mothers.

The child poverty rate more than doubled.

As the chart shows, this is a complete and tragic reversal from the Trump years when poverty fell to its lowest level EVER recorded.

And Bidenomics has surely not worked for middle-income Americans. Median household income has fallen by nearly $3,000 since Trump came into office. 


Poverty Up Among All Age Groups Since Biden Took Office — 7 Comments

  1. These are not failures by the socialists.

    This is by design.

    Their plan is working.

    Create wider separation between upper and lower classes.

    Shrink the middle class, get more citizens dependent on government.

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