Crystal Lake Buddy Break Provides Three Free Hours of Respite Care for Special Needs Kids

First Church in Crystal Lake was the site Saturday for Buddy Break.

Outside the First Metodist Church Saturday morning.

Five years ago, I wrote extensively of the program started by the parents of a little guy down in Florida.

As the headline in the referenced article indicates, the number of children who can be served depends on the number of volunteers available. Those interested in doing so should contact Karen Klaus at First Church (815.459.0785) or visit

I was a Buddy for a five or six-year old bou with Down Syndrome. He twisted a half-sized hulu hoop virtualy the entire time, while engaging in separate repetitive movement with his other hand. Our elevato intrigued him, but he didn’t alway push the correct button. Several times, he pushed the fire department button, resulting in a ring. Others contracted the fire department to let them know there was no emergency.

When we went outside for lunch, he became quite interested with the large drain looking down it for many minutes. (His mother said he knew where water went when I told her.)

He is a sweet kid.

When time was up, I had to carry him to the pickup place.

While there, I saw one mother with the tee shirt you see below:

I can’t begin to imagine how parents of the kids we watched cope every day.

I asked one father what he and his wife did on their time off.

He said he went shopping for groceries, while his wife had time to clean the toilets.

Another couple went to stores in Downtown Crystal Lake.

Parents and volunteers interacted as they arrived to pick up their children.
This little tyke made his own way out of the church.


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  1. Biden’s minders should avail themselves of this fine service..

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