Gunowners Meeting in Algonquin — 4 Comments

  1. I stopped going to buffets decades ago when I noticed a guy pulling in the parking lot with his finger up his nose all the way up to the 3rd knuckle. No thanks.

  2. How many federal informants and agents provocateur will be there too?

    They’re easy to spot, they try and egg on the low IQ people to ‘take action’ and oila, a terrible extremist bombing or kidnapping was prevented in the nick of time by our brave FBI.

  3. With all the camo clothing that will be worn at this social event of the season, as attendees dress up for each other, you won’t be able to see anyone. Fitting venue, Golden Corral.

  4. Most of the gun activists that I know view the ISRA as a bunch of Fudd sellouts.

    I gave up my membership several years ago and send my donations to groups that actually fight for our rights.

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