Message of the Day – A Foretelling?

Found this editorial cartoon in the August 19, 2023, Chicago Tribune.

With the Democrats’ judicial reform law taking effect tomorrow, I’m wondering if the contents of the cartoon speak to the future in Illinois.


Message of the Day – A Foretelling? — 7 Comments

  1. I find it to be rather surprising (and pleasantly so) that the Libune would dare to
    print anything that would reflect poorly upon their DEMOCRAT masters.

  2. Might as well turn the McHenry County Jail into a 1 Hour Photo Place.

    That about all it will be with this nonsense.

    Catch em’, Print and Photo em’, Release em’.

    Save a whole lot on Salaries, Benefits, Heating, A/C, Electricity.

    They no longer do Immigration there for the Feds, now wont barely hold everyday criminals anymore.

    Why need all those people and space anymore?

    The criminals will all be out among us.

  3. Trib endorsed Vallas.

    This Ramirez guy’s cartoons as well as Scott Stantis’s cartoons (regularly featured in the Trib) rag on Dems all the time.

    Tribune is not a far left paper.

    It’s not the Jacobin or Monthly Review.

  4. I was there when “Weezy” and George were ‘Mov’in’ on Up’, through to their grandkids, looting and burning those ‘East Side’ stores.

    I support any culture shift that makes me laugh.

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