Foreign Affairs Finally Gets a Legitimate Illinois General Assembly Hook: Massive Subsidy to Chinese Communist Company

Some Illinois legislators think of themselves as future Members of Congress.

They advance measures about foreign affairs, which rarely have anything to do Illinois.

Now comes State Rep. Blaine Wilhour with a real, live Illinois foreign affairs issue:

State Rep. Blaine Wilhour: State and federal investment in company with CCP ties threatens national security

(Springfield, IL) –– State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) says an $8 billion investment in a battery company not only puts the US economy at risk, but it also threatens our national security.

The federal government is providing Gotion High-Tech Co. with $7.5 billion in federal tax credits over five years, while the State of Illinois is kicking in an additional $536 million in subsidies to build a battery plant in Manteno. The plant is expected to create 2,600 jobs.

“First, why are US taxpayers providing $8 billion in economic incentives for the construction of a plant that costs $2 billion to build?

“Why is a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party receiving more tax incentives than what it costs to build the plant?

“We don’t provide American companies with anything close to incentives like this and it makes no sense for us to do this for a company connected to the Chinese government,” Wilhour said.

“Are we so eager for jobs in Illinois that we are willing to sell out US interests to the highest bidder?

“We are putting our national security at risk, and we are allowing the Chinese government to corner the battery market at the same time our clueless leaders at the state and federal level are forcing people to drive electric vehicles they really don’t want.

“We are being played for fools.”

Wilhour said the incentives for the Gotion High-Tech Co. plant in Manteno is the reason he pushed legislation (House Bill 2984) last spring to ban the use of public funds in investments or institutions tied to the Chinese Communist Party or the People’s Republic of China.

“Now we know why this bill never came up for a vote on the House floor,” Wilhour said.

“Our leaders are willing to sell our integrity, our future, and our national security for a few jobs.

“The CCP is an evil regime that is openly hostile to any dissenters.

“they kill and imprison anyone daring to not go along with the Communist party.

“Their constitution requires all Chinese companies to share privileged information with the Chinese Military Intelligence.

“They also lied to the world about the origins of COVID-19 resulting in millions of deaths worldwide.

“Doing business with the CCP is the equivalent of starting a business with Ted Kaczynski or Charles Manson.

“Our pathetic, unimaginative, weak leaders refuse to take the tried-and-true steps to grow our economy and instead have placed our economic future in the hands of our greatest enemy.

“It is insane.

“This ‘deal’ needs to be stopped immediately.”

= = = = =

Details of the “deal” from State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

Manteno gets announcement that China’s Gotion Hi-Tech will build a plant to assembly EV batteries

The manufacturing plant, which will be located near Interstate 57, will assemble lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs and battery cells to power motor vehicles.  The plant will be 100% owned by the U.S. subsidiary of Gotion Hi-Tech.  Proponents of the plant say that approximately $2 billion will be invested and that the plant will be geographically situated to supply EV motor vehicle assembly customers throughout the U.S. Midwest.

As part of the Manteno announcement, Gov. Pritzker and local officials announced that more than $536 million in current and future State and local moneys would be “invested” in the new plant, which is more than a quarter of the anticipated cost of the plant and does not include money they will receive from the federal government.  The word “invested” is in quotes because neither the State nor Kankakee County will own any of the plant.  The $536 million constitutes direct subsidies ($125 million through “Invest in Illinois”) and foregone tax collections to be paid out, over time, to Gotion as a golden welcome sign for agreeing to build the plant in Kankakee County.  Further subsidies may be paid as the plant goes into operation.

Parent company Gotion Hi-Tech has close ties with the government in Beijing, with the Chinese firm’s CEO also serving as the party secretary for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) within the plant.  The CCP answers, in turn, to national political boss Xi Jinping.

Proponents of the Manteno plant announcement say that the complex, when complete, will support approximately 2,600 well-paying full-time jobs.  The plant announcement was made on Friday, September 8. 


Foreign Affairs Finally Gets a Legitimate Illinois General Assembly Hook: Massive Subsidy to Chinese Communist Company — 5 Comments

  1. I just got a temporary Rep. Blaine Fan Club Membership Card.

    But it expires in 3 hours, just enough time before an Illinois Republican does something stupid.

  2. ““This ‘deal’ needs to be stopped immediately.””

    OK then how about YOU tell us ANYTHING? HOW can it be stopped? What is the PROCESS for this project being approved (is it already approved)? All you’re telling me is that you are mad.

    I’m tired of Republicans in leadership positions where they possess technical know how but give us zero relevant/useful information. It’s always just some dude shaking his fist at the sky like Abe Simpson.

    Republicans are stupid. Either tell people what they can do to fix a situation or don’t bother talking. This kind of “here’s why you should be angry but I’m not going to offer you any solution” crap is annoying. What do you think doing so actually accomplishes other than demoralizes people? How does it help?

    I am tired of Republicans writing these press releases saying, “Here’s a really bad thing that is happening” and it’s always written AFTER the fact and it’s always written with no remedies! Are you serious? Republicans are losers. I hate Republicans.

  3. Wow, and you call me angry. The upcoming revolution will take care of everything. It’s all the deplorables have.

  4. The largest shareholder is Volkswagen.

    This is a re-use of a former distribution hub. Don’t see the assembly or manufacture of lithium batteries to be of any practical espionage or geopolitical value beyond the economic.

    As long as we were handling out free candy on chip manufacturers, I guess this was another category of similarly-positioned “investment”.

  5. Agree with Correcting – it’s just noisy blather. Beecher City is not Manteno, otherwise he’d get over it.

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