UPDATE: LITH AND CRYSTAL LAKE Police Enforcing Child Safety Restraints This Week

From the Lake in the Hills Police (Crystal Lake sent a similar press release today):

September 17 – 23 is Child Passenger Safety Week

Lake in the Hills, IL –Lake in the Hills Police Department will be stepping up efforts to enforce both child and occupant restraint systems in vehicles between September 15 – 30 for the Highway Traffic Safety Administration Child Passenger Safety Week.

The police department’s aim is to help protect our youngest passengers by ensuring compliance with child safety restraint systems.

“Child Passenger Safety Week serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role proper child safety restraints play in safeguarding child while traveling on our roadways,” said Officer Amanda Schmitt, the Public Information Officer for the Lake in the Hills Police Department.

“As public servants who deeply care about our community’s safety, we are committed to taking proactive measures to reduce injuries and fatalities among child passengers.”

According to NHTSA, more than a third of children 12 and younger who died in crashes in 2021 in cars, pickups, vans and SUVs were unbuckled. The Lake in the Hills Police Department reminds parents and child caregivers; never let children ride unbuckled in a vehicle, not even on a short trip.

The Lake in the Hills Police Department will also be focusing on unrestrained vehicle occupants during this campaign. According to NHTSA, seat belt data from 2021 show that unrestrained occupant deaths currently account for 50% of deaths. The same data from 2021 shows seat belt use is at 90.4%.

Encouragingly, NHTSA reported in 2022 seat belt usage has further increased to 91.6%.

The campaign is funded by federal traffic safety funds from NHTSA administered by IDOT.


UPDATE: LITH AND CRYSTAL LAKE Police Enforcing Child Safety Restraints This Week — 31 Comments

  1. To me, the police should be ON THE SIDE of the citizens.

    Not their enemy.

    The STASI made sure citizens how government thought they should behave.

    the LITH police department are basically doing the same thing here.

    Be available for teaching parents how to buckle in their child? YES

    Enforcing this: STASI behavior.

    All the Police on Dunkin’ Donuts roof BS doesn’t create “good will with the community”.

    Being there for the citizens is the best way to “good will”. Not playing parent and government bully.

    The LITH Police Chief is a disgrace for doing this – worse, if he thinks he’s performing a public good by doing this.

    Remember, the SD used to believe they were doing the right thing for society as well.

  2. According to people like you then unborn children are citizens too yet you think murdering one that is unborn is completely ok. RINO fool.

  3. Lil Joey Snowflake better be careful. Law enforcement may ring his doorbell with a warrant searching for child restraints he uses on his victims. He’s related to Podestas.

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  5. So Obama is a straight male according to Porkboy.

    Produce some pics of Big Mike pregnant or family photos of the 2 homos with their daughters growing up.

    Cue theme from Jeopardy. LOL

  6. Refer to your 719 post. Do you not read what you type? Addled fool. Yep. It was for the ratings.

  7. Not much at reading comprehension. I don’t deny Obama being gay, I simply don’t know or care. I said the interview was bullshit.

  8. Good response Porkboy. BS is what you spew here daily. The difference is Tucker is paid 10s of millions of dollars and all you do is collect a SS check. You see the difference sport?

  9. Yeah I do, Tucker needs viewers to maintain that. So he reals in nut jobs like you to read and watch. It’s all about the Benjamins chodey.

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    Please keep sparring sport. You must like constantly losing.

  11. JT, haven’t you noticed that your world, your “reality” never happens?

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    It’s seldom Tucker will be invited to sit at the adult table anymore.

  14. LOL. Please entertain me. Who’s at the adult table? This ought to be priceless.

  15. Question Chodey, If Tuckers interview was so important, Why did he wait till now, and why didn’t the interviewee come forward sooner.? Not enough money? If he was paid for the interview it’s not relevant news. It’s pandering to the morons.

  16. JT thinks being so called “aware” changes anything at all. So you are aware, great. Now what? You decide to then hang out on a county blog, run by an 81 year old dude, saying the same stuff over and over, repeating buzzwords and insults, 24/7. Neat. Enjoy YOUR micro existence chode. LOL.

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    It’s heartening, I guess, that both sides can share a mental illness together.

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