More Than the Bickersons

There used to be a weekly radio show called “The Bickersons.’

Our family would listen to it Sunday nights while driving home from the Miles River Yacht Club in St. Michaels, Maryland.

The two arrests below reminded me of the show.

As I remember it, a continuing feature had a closet being opened followed by a sound guy’s masterpiece.

{After a night in bed, I remember that radio show was “Fibber Magee’s Closet.” Itmust have come after or before “The Bickersopns.”]

Things kept falling out.

Just when you thought the last pan had landed, there was something else.

The battlesd were all verbal on the radio show, though, not physical.


More Than the Bickersons — 8 Comments

  1. Fun facts: Don Ameche from the ‘Battling Bickersons’ was from Kenosha, his cousin also from Kenosha, won the Heisman Trophy at U of W.

  2. Well look at that. Two triggered trollfish on 1 comment. Impressive. Yes mental illness is a trait of most liberals. Take Porkboy for instance. He can not stop thinking about short thick wieners. Definitely a mental issue needing treatment.

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