Complaint about Democrat Secretary of State’s Saturday Closing Drivers License Offices

From commenter “Disabled Guy”:

Secretary of State’s offices were open under Jesse White.

“I’m not from McHenry County, but this is at all 3 facilities near me within 28 miles.

“Closest is a 20 minute drive, and I work Monday through Friday.

“They are pushing the online stuff.

“Now I have to ask off work just to buy a $151 sticker that should be a couple bucks at most.

“Illinois, the rip off state.”


Complaint about Democrat Secretary of State’s Saturday Closing Drivers License Offices — 14 Comments

  1. Funny Paul. I read this article earlier and my renewal notice magically was in my inbox. It’s yet another IL road tax

  2. I got a Corporate Tax Bill from Illinois for 2021 last week.

    Can’t get a straight answer or other assholes from your Department of Revenue to return calls. But my accountant up there says Covid money has dried up and you idiots are starved for revenue.

    I paid it anyway so just keep the change.

  3. But in Dept of Revenue’s defense for those non-callbacks, those numbers I left messages on, may be for employees that were charged with that Covid fraud.

  4. and EXTREME LAZY STATE… all they want is $$ for no work.. while the rest of us have to put up with their Stupidty..

    thank a libtard voter… once again…

  5. Hmm, wonder with the limited staff, online options, and closures, were there any lay-offs of the democrats, er um, workers?

    Ya know, the average 300 pound blob that works behind those desks, that if you looked over the counter will see dorito bags and the cell phone.

    But hey, you know they are “oppressed,” overworked, and unappreciated.

    Take a poll of each of them and they will dutifully suggest that they need more funding and what????

    More democrat workers, of course.

    I remember growing up, that if you could not find a job, would go to the courthouse or public works and they would hand you a shovel and find work.

    Fast forward, and now these nonfireable jobs are coveted positions.

  6. A bolbo. 0 for 3 comments deserves the Big F-off. you are a f-ing fool.

  7. If the Secretary of State really wanted to serve the people (and that is one of his responsibilities) he would have each location open Saturday and at least one day a week.

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