LITH Police Called When “Unruly” Grade School Student Refused to Go to Class — 9 Comments

  1. It’s probably an over-priviledged white limosine liberal considering transgendering who had to be taken out – as a result of white liberal teachers inculcating Marxist BS into their heads.

    The one thing I love about Biden’s open boarder policy, is MOST of those illegals will become Trump supporting conservatives. That’s WHY they are crossing the border. They want to live in CONSERVATIVE SUCCESSFUL AMERICA.

    The moment they realize the policies of the LEFT are followed in shithole blue cities, they’ll drop the LEFT as fast as a boiling hot potato.

  2. Deputis – I don’t understand a word you wrote.
    Speak Enlgish. Write plainly, lucidly, and clearly.
    Attempt to make a precise point.
    Don’t just bloviate liberal crap.

    Attempt to say something with MEANING. Not political slogans and BLM/Climate Change scam crap.

  3. CLM why don’t you quit bloviating you conservative my miserable life BS.

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