Goldbrick U.S. Senator Draws Democratic Party Primary Opponent and Calls for His Resignation

Indicted New Jersey Democratic Party U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and his similarly indicted wife Nadine.

The indictment could be the basis for a movie script of how the swamp operates in Washington, D.D.

The allegations are so outrageous that New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim has already announced he is challenging Menendez for the Democratic Party nomination next year.

A gold brick found in Bob Menendez’ home.

All sorts of elected New Jersey Democrats are calling for Menendez to resign, including the Governor, leaders of both legislative chambers, the Democrats’ state chairman, all sorts of county chairs and congressmen.

But fellow New Jersey U.S. Senator Cory Booker has said nothing.


Goldbrick U.S. Senator Draws Democratic Party Primary Opponent and Calls for His Resignation — 29 Comments

  1. LOL he’s crying now that he’s presumed innocent and the media should not be judging him in the court of public opinion.

    Sure Bob.

    What about Trump you impeachment happy creep?

    91 trumped up counts on him means he’s guilty?

    Welcome to lawfare Bob.

  2. Wow, you just can’t let it go. He’s in your head 24/7.
    All Avelar All Day.

  3. LOFL Porkboy. You’re a non voting liberal just like Avelar’s a RINO bloviator. Go pet that gerbil sport.

  4. Surprised that Algonquin Township isn’t involved. Were any debit gift cards found. Menendez should call Kenneally ASAP.

  5. He picked that gem up at like an IHOP or that other redneck buck tooth breakfast place.

    Why did they just now arrest him when they served the search warrant a year ago?

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble chode.

    But I vote in every election, Even voted for Trump in 2020, that won’t be happening again.
    Now tell us one of your gay fantasy scenarios.

  7. For those that want to catch up on what’s going on in this Republic today, you will watch and read. Most IL people are clueless what the difference between “of” and “for” is and the deep level of corruption that has been going on for centuries. But hey what do I know. They taught me all this in History class.

    Enjoy the show. The corporation is about to fall.

  8. Centuries! How thrilling to be in an epic battle against…..something….

  9. Menendez is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

    But he made the fatal error of getting bribes from Egyptians.

    Had the bribers been jews, Ukrainians or Israelis he’d be on Easy St. like Pelosi, Salwell, Graham, Warren, Pete Buttboi, Nadler, Schiff, ad infintum.

  10. Sorry Oateater, I was a staunch republican until 01/06/20.

  11. PooKorny, you lie and your voting record open to the public proves it.

    You voted in democrat primaries.

    ‘Staunch” GOP?

    Yeah, right!

    Is that what you tell your lgbtq buddies?

  12. You’re right, I took a democratic ballot to vote against Hillary.

  13. You know Geal, there are two ways to use a vote. For or against.

  14. “Geal” – bullsh*t – I doubt you looked it up. My whole life I’ve been a Republican, a conservative.

    I was a Republican Election Judge for over 25 years, a Precinct Captain for more than 15 years.

    I’ve walked hundreds of miles and rung thousands of doorbells over those years.

    Like Stephen, I’m now on the fence as to whether or not I wish to identify as Republican any longer.

    Although the way the Party is going these days, it’ll be dead within another few cycles anyway.

  15. Metis shitwalker, I’m not here for your validation. I don’t care what ignorant morons believe. Seig Heil

  16. I would have “crossed over” in various Primary Operations Chaos over the years as many of my neighbors in my Precinct did, but being a Party official of sorts, was unable to participate.

  17. Geal wrote that Pokorny pulled Democrat ballots, not Monk.

    Or are they the same person?

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