Republicans Throw Appreciation Night for Precinct Committeepersons

Those who do the footwork for the McHenry County Republican Party were treated to dinner at Niko’s R&R Supper Club in Marengo Saturday night.

Here is the dinner menu:

Needless to say, a lot of elected and party officials attended.

Coroner Michael Rein and Grafton Township Republican Party Chairman Orville Brettman chatted.
Long-time party volunteer Eileen Marhoefer talked with John Pletz’ wife Kathy.
Party Chairman Jeff Thorsen greeted McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi.
Amarilys Eduardo Avilesm wife and husband, Robin Lingle, Carole Krohn before dinner.
Carole Krohn, Kathy Pletz, John Pletz, April Salava, Robin Lingle ready for dinner.
Erik Sivertsen of Guns-N-Such with a raffle prize.
County Auditor Shannon Teresi, Algonquin Township Trustee Theresa Fronczak, Algonquin Township Clerk and Township GOP Treasurer Maureen Huff and Bob Reining.
Orv Brettman and Pat Sullivan.
Lisa Rode, Helen and McHenry Alderman Andy Glab.
McHenry GOP Treasurer Tim Beck and former County Board member Ersel Schuster.


Republicans Throw Appreciation Night for Precinct Committeepersons — 28 Comments

  1. Do republicans recruit them by the pound?

    The collective look of stupid is a tell into why the GOP is losing ground.

  2. Mmmm, in a fair fight, that means no hair pulling or farting, Shannon could whup any Dem gal in Illinois.

  3. While I fully agree with Stephan regarding total pounds per republican event, I must add the age requirement to attend.

    These pictures are a perfect reflection of a dying group.

    Gotta be 65 and up to get in.

    Dinner before 4:00 so everyone can get home for meds.

  4. I just laugh when I see ole ove the anti American terrorist/snitch at all republican events in the County. Again, a perfect comment about ole cal and other tar pit bound folks.

  5. Look, less than 24 hours ago ,I had spent a tortuous 6 hours driving the length of Illinois, before the grand finale fright, of stopping at the South Side Lincoln Oasis, before my escape.

    A 23 and me DNA of Illinois, using cartoon characters:

    60% Family Guy Fat Guy Strangler
    30% Kendra Kricklesac Cleveland Show
    10% Mike Madigan Illinois Legislature

  6. You’re putting maskers and vaxxers on billboards and wondering why things keep getting worse.

    McHenry and Kane gop are a bunch of decrepit rinos.

  7. My god, when was this?

    A couple days ago?

    Half those people are probably dead by now.

    I see, Orv was there, bestowing upon everyone his worldly wisdom about, “back in the day.”

    Bit of advice: When he starts a sentence with “wanna hear a story,” you best run fast, otherwise you will have wasted 20 minutes of your life.

  8. Half of those attending are swamp puppies begging for bones. You can tell them by their morbid obesity and juvenile hoots.

    They are housebroken poodles who think rigged elections are pure make believe, and Pritzker types are basically good folks ‘who care.’

    They support homo (anal) marriage and think the trans hysteria will fade out and local schools are really, really great.

    They think tired Tirio, anti2A Sheriff, and low-activity Kenneally are just peachy.

    When Thorsen became the GOP ringmaster instead of the far more able Brettmann, i decided to halt any further funding of the do-nothings.

    They are for the most part paralysed losers who play act and do performance, rather than hard, politics.

    They share the blame for the state’s downward spiral.

  9. Cmon Oath. You’re making too much sense for the average IL voter to process.

  10. “Do republicans recruit them by the pound?”

    “The collective look of stupid is a tell into why the GOP is losing ground.”

    Sounds like you are a confused person, as you have both the poundage and said look to be a Republican as you describe.

    Perhaps you are transitioning to a conservative?

  11. Where is one of the billboards you mention?

    Please send me a photo.

  12. Maybe the GOP organizers don’t want to give the Red Dawn Democrats the information.

  13. Cal, I thought when you ran for Governor you said ‘Adios’ to the degenerate Uniparty!

    Why was Kurtz provided downstate democrat SoS losers to campaign for her?

  14. This affair was laughable.

    Look at dome if these people.

    Many say Rittenhouse was misguided!

    They should know, they still put American flags up, and not upside down.


    Loserville USA

  15. America is being destroyed by its enlightenment “values” which have led to OnlyFans, obesity, transvestite Generals, and the commercialized murder of the unborn.

    Immigrants are convenient scapegoats because they are the “other”. Not all of them want to slaughter the next generation, or pimp out their daughters as cam whores, or castrate their sons before puberty. Those mental illnesses are relatively unique to the West, and America in particular.

  16. The jews ruining ukraine should be shot.

    This iodine deficiency article is a bit hard to find, but here’s a link. I find this so shocking as to be hard to believe. Iodized salt is hardly expensive, and it’s hard to fathom how any country in Europe would have difficulty making it generally available. But with jews running things, I guess it’s rather logical:

  17. You yourself boasted the billboards on here Cal.

    You didn’t ask the candidates why they masked and vaxxed, did you?

    Next time ask that very question with the assumption that you already know they did it.

    To every candidate you think you’re going to support.

  18. You perhaps do not remember that allowing candidates and officials to post whatever they desire, I am trying to recreate the media landscape of 1966.

    Then the weekly (one daily in Woodstock) newspapers needed copy and would print press releases.

    Now candidates are lucky to get one article in the NWH unless the paper is trying to destroy a candidate.

  19. I kind of dig that raffle prize. That Kel-Tec bullpup is one of the few cool shotguns we can still get in Illinois.

    It’s legal because it’s a pump, not a semiauto. The tyrants who wrote the Illinois AWB missed that one. I can’t wait until that monstrosity of a law is overturned.

    I thought Illinois would be the test case for the Supreme Court, but it’s starting to look like the challenge to the Kali AWB might be the first.

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