Book on 1992 Penny Pullen-Rosemary Mulligan Hanging Chad Illinois State Rep. Race Coming

Being a close friend of former State Rep. Penny Pullen, I was contacted by Patrick Wohl, who took an interest in the election recount of 1992 when original results of her Republican primary race against Rosemary Mulligan ended up in a tie.

He started out to write an article, but got so interested in the topic his work ended up in a book entitled, “Upside Down.”

“Down Ballot, How a Local Campaign Became a National Referendum on Abortion ” by Patrick Wohl.

Published by the University of Illinois Press and coming out January 9th, its summary follows:

In 1990, a suburban Chicago race for the Republican Party nomination for state representative between Penny Pullen and Rosemary Mulligan unexpectedly became a national proxy battle over abortion in the United States.

But the hard-fought primary also illustrated the overlooked importance of down-ballot contests in America’s culture wars.

Patrick Wohl offers the dramatic account of a rollercoaster campaign that, after attracting political celebrities and a media circus, came down to thirty-one votes, a coin toss to determine the winner, and a recount fight that set a precedent for how to count dimpled chads.

As the story unfolds, Wohl provides a rare nuts-and-bolts look at an election for state office from its first days through the Illinois Supreme Court decision that decided the winner–and set the stage for a decisive 1992 rematch.

A compelling political page-turner, Down Ballot takes readers behind the scenes of a legendary Illinois election.


Book on 1992 Penny Pullen-Rosemary Mulligan Hanging Chad Illinois State Rep. Race Coming — 12 Comments

  1. That was yet another rigged election Cal.

    Similar to yours and other races in the collar counties pitting a marxist against a conservative.

    My old friend Bill LeFew told me all about it.

  2. It was not a rigged election. I was there in the precincts and the polling place on Election Day.

  3. We used to all get shiny new Pennie’s from Penny all the time. 😁

  4. I was in Penny’s district, and her “calling card”, as it were, was a shiny new penny glued onto a card or leaflet in her mailings.

    As far as my precinct activities were concerned, I would have provided my primary voters with all competing materials provided.

    This was a bellwether on the inner suburbs beginning to trend purple.

  5. Mellow monk always posts like he knows ‘top secret’ and arcane info.

    But in reality, he’s likely an unmarried, local h. s. social studies teacher from low dollar party school who likes to advocate for a reduction in the Illinois age of consent.

    His pupils don’t like him, even the lgbtq types he likes to take under his wing.

    The moniker “Mr. Creeps” is pretty apt.

  6. Monk, you are a dummy.

    Someday you’ll be in a cage and exhibited at schools. You’ll be quite dirty and smelly and your rags and hair will be a mess.

    The children will be told this is what a communist ghoul looks like.

  7. Koziol, you are a Nazi. We won’t let you near any children.

  8. Cal, didn’t you know Bill LeFew?

    Did he ever tell you about that election being rigged?

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