Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Found at the Dole Mansion Farmer’s Market Sunday:

This T-Shirt says, “I am not a professional, but I have watched Youtube videos.”


Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 10 Comments

  1. Was JT wearing this shirt. He watches videos and believes he’s an expert.

  2. Sorry Porkboy you’re wrong again. YouTube is only good for DIY videos. Truth is suppressed on that platform most of the time since it’s run and owned by woke morons. An unwoke and open platform is Rumble which doesn’t suppress any videos based on opposing views. I figured a smart guy like you would know the difference. You continue to prove my point.

  3. Again you prove my point, Chodey, I didn’t mention you tube. That was a tongue in cheek statement. You still have to be the smartest guy, Validation Chodey, Validation.
    Here kitty , kitty. catch the string. LOL

  4. There’s something sickening about Pokorny. Can’t he be banned?

    Avelar is another who should be jettisoned.

  5. Geal – making sure the Republican Party gets tinier over time.

  6. Thank you, Captain Obvious, for telling us in the photo caption, what is somewhat clear in the photo. I realize that some here may need to “sound out” the big words, but . . .

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