Pot Found in Car during Improper Turn Stop in Lake in the Hills — 12 Comments

  1. Do you know the immigration status of every one that doesn’t have a WASP name or are you just another degenerate racist?

  2. “Actually, I do, Pook.” Really , I didn’t ask about ancestral origins, I asked about Immigration Status, Guess you can’t read. Makes you a racist. I’ll bet your god approves.

  3. Pook, you gotta start makin’ sense.

    People are talking about you.

    Look, don’t OD on Prevagen. Last Saturday’s drama queen scene at Heisler’s Bootery was a real scream.

  4. Mellow, Norman Lear is almost dead.

    Asner dead.

    Amy Winehouse dead.

    Harvey Milk dead.

    Why can’t you join them?

  5. Gouhl what the hell are you talking about?

    I need to make sense?

    Spannem Boheme, is Bohemian for “go with God.’

    You hypocritical liar.

    Making shit up when you got no argument.

    Typical MAGA Moron.

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