Lakewood’s RedTail Cllubhouse Groundbreaking

First it was to be September 26th.

Now, it’s been “Rescheduled Due to Weather.”

Anyone want to bet against another photo opportunity complete with names of the current members of the Village Board on a plaque when the project is completed?


Lakewood’s RedTail Cllubhouse Groundbreaking — 9 Comments

  1. Seems to me that some jerk water bugtussle town, that can afford a $4 M playhouse for a couple broken boner golfers, could start financing my Friday night limo/stripper excursions.

  2. As a Lakewood tax captive, i find this simply disgusting.

    Can Serwatka be coaxed back to clean this rotten town up again?

  3. Cal, you’re going to love this clubhouse.

    It’s going to be the best clubhouse around, the envy of all the other neighboring golf courses.

    It’s going to have a tremendous effect on your property values, they’re going to go up bigly!

  4. As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough that a project like this was approved.

    Now they will throw a party at the taxpayers expense to reward themselves for spending your money.

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