Why Democrats Want Trump on the Illinois Ballot

Found in a Chicago Tribune article entitled, “Use of 14th Amendment to keep Trump off 2024 ballot still under debate in Illinois.”

Rick Pearson

The article by anti-Republican reporter Rich Pearson says down at the bottom:

“Thomas Bowen a veteran Democratic political consultant, said he personally believes a 14th Amendment challenge should be mounted in Illinois — even while acknowledging that Trump’s name on the ballot in a state he has lost twice by 17 percentage points could drive Democratic turnout in 2024.

“‘It would be helpful for Democrats in Illinois to cointnue having that punching bag, but we would gladly give that up for the safety of the country and the future of democracy,’ Bowen said. [Emphasis added.]

“‘I think Democrats in Illinois would gladly have a court determination that he isn’t eligible for the crimes he committed against the people so that the Supreme Court would review it.’

“Bowen acknowledged there are questions among Democrats about pursuing an arcane section of the Constitution.”


Why Democrats Want Trump on the Illinois Ballot — 58 Comments

  1. Illinois is tanking.

    We spend >$30,000 per student and the results of that enormous cash outlay per student produces CRAP – just 5-8% of students at some schools perform at grade level. Hell, if the student population didn’t go to school and watched TV at home – I’d be willing to bet the academic numbers would be better.

    Our property taxes are so high – they cannot raise the tax rates any higher or they’ll DECREASE revenue from property tax rates. They’ve raised tax rates so high that poperty values are adversely affected. A home here that is $300,000 goes for $900,000 in Florida or Arizona. You can gain a lot more on 3% property tax rates on 900k than 5% on 300k. What morons.

    Crime is up; businesses are down. Have you gone downtown Chicago? 50% of the space is empty and the other 50% are considering leaving.

    Illinois is a dumpter fire – BECAUSE of the Democrats. They blame Trump, and Mike Flaherty and Mary Ann Ahern spew out the same failed CRAP in their futile attempt to make liberal polices appear smart.

    And the state falls deeper and deeper into debt. Federal bailouts continue to flood the state – but it’s not enough to save Illinois.

    The Illinois Democrat is a dumbass – as dumb as Fetterman.

  2. That guy is the face of a Biden supporter. Is he related to Dave Lowitzki? Dem political consultant translated is a parasite on the taxpayers.

    He should focus his energy on the corrupt elections which starts with ERIC and ends with the IL Board of Elections.

    For a laugh look at the turnout for Biden’s visit to MI today. He almost fell down the short stairs getting off AF1

  3. “Our property taxes are so high – they cannot raise the tax rates any higher or they’ll DECREASE revenue from property tax rates.”

    Actually. No. They will increase, both in real terms and as a percentage paid on market value. Look at Woodstock properties, for instance.

    While property values are indeed, negatively impacted by high tax bills, your taxes paid won’t decrease.

    Each line item entity on your tax bill has a Board that creates a budget and issues a levy, or appropriation each year. These Boards ARE limited to x amount, cost-of-living, blah, blah, blah. But will almost always increase each year.

    Your drop in value does not result in a smaller property tax bill because your property value does not dictate what you pay – it dictates what your SHARE of the bill is.

  4. Mellow monk suffers from an Iodine deficiency that disaffected his cognition.

  5. Mellow, you didn’t understand a word of what I said.
    You’re a typical democrat who lives in the delusional world that believes market forces don’t really affect governmental policy.

    That’s the fantasyland of economics Rodney Dangerfield identified in the economics class in the movie “Back to School”. Mellow, you’re the pretentious, liberal, dumbass professor in the movie who has no idea the realities of real life.

    Keep voting for Fetterman/JB/Madigan types and Illinois, California, and NY will compete for CRAP CENTRAL.

  6. CLM – tell me what it is I’ve laid out above that is incorrect in any way.

  7. CLM -you did not understand a word of what you were saying. I provided the facts. Sorry.

  8. LOL, Now you’ve anger it. He’ll get flustered, make an attempt at an insult and pout.

    This is precious “The Illinois Democrat is a dumbass – as dumb as Fetterman.” And they just keep winning elections. Who are the dumbasses?
    The conservatives have fractured the GOP.

  9. CLM also felt it was immaterial that as a candidate, Catalina Lauf took such a forceful, brave stand against litter boxes in the schools. CLM valued her boobs over her, well, I don’t think brains quite works here…hmm….

  10. OK, you two kuckleheads – keep supporting the economic plans that lead to the great success of Illinois, NY, NJ, and California.

    Open borders, high taxes, high property taxes, high crime, defund the police, high regulation, Climate change BS….all lead to absolute disaster. People are fleeing the states you support and going to conservative states.

    Mellow: you act as though your “property tax bill” is a real itemized bill. You live in fantasyland. That itemized 85% to schools, 2.5% to public works, 1% to police,…that’s all BS.

    In reality, you owe $18,000 per year on your $400,000 home (if you can sell it for that) to the state.
    The “FORMULA” redistributes the money to the Democrat Chicago Mafia political cesspool and then the print out on a 3×5 card some BS that makes it all look legit and that Jacobs HS got X amount.

    You believe that fraud? Wake up and realize we are being fleeced by the losers YOU put in power.

  11. Small wonder you guys hate Trump and Lauf.

    They try to make plain the fraud that is being used to fleece you and your family.

    But, you believe in the Cult of transgenderism, Climate, and socialism…so you take the lure – hook, line, and sinker.

    Yes, you’re both Fetterman intellects.

    What’s amazing is they are FRAUDING and CHEATING you both, too.

    You’re just too liberal to realize it.

    That’s what your ideology does – it numbs you into stupidity like dope.

  12. My explaining reality in no way illustrates that I support these things, but unlike you, I do understand them.

    When all you have is emotion without knowledge, fact or reasoning, you end up a MAGA Cultist.

  13. Lauf demonstrated she was a gullible intellectual lightweight with dewey skin.

  14. LOFL. Monk produce those property tax receipts on the Salvi’s. That was rhetorical since you’ve been sitting on them since the last election. Maybe BobbyQ can help you find the truth in your bong addled brain. What a fool.

  15. JT, they live in liberal fantasyland.

    Nevermind the murders in Chicago. Nevermind the empty commercial buildings and smash and grab and lack of grocery stores.

    Nevermind the fact that businesses and successful taxpayers are leaving Illinois in droves to red states.

    Nevermind that we are giving an $8 billion subsidy to the Chinese to build a $2 billion dollar EV plant in Illinois as we “share” our technology with the Chinese.

    Nevermind that Illinois used to have the same population as Texas in 1980 and now is less than 1/2 the size of Texas in less than 40 years.

    Nevermind Chicago is becoming a pit…Illinoi has: Elgin, Aurora, Waukegan, Joliet, Rockford, the Quad Cities, Peoria, Decatur, Springfield, East St. Louis, Edwardsville and Cairo.

    Illinois is rocking it economically because the democrats are doing such a great job!!!
    Keep voting democrat…and we’ll really watch things get worse!!!

  16. So……. if I mention reality and fact I support the Democrats? Really?

  17. Plenty of red states have plenty of sh*tholes of their own. How can that be, CLM?

  18. The Red States are BOOMING.

    The Blue States are deep in debt with unfunded state union liabilities destroying their future, with regulations a wet blanket on growth.

    Just look at the demographics, Mellow. This isn’t a difficult exercise.

    Mellow, like Foster, you constantly support democrats.

    When you’re identified as a LIBERAL – you cringe.

    That’s understandable, because even liberals deep down know their policies are failures.

    It’s just difficult to openly admit it.

    So you say stupid things like, “I never mentioned I support Democrats”.


  19. What Democrats have I supported here? Name one. One. Cite my post.

  20. Neither one of us has ever said we support democrats. Because we look at things from a different perspective and question your stupidity, you morons have labelled us as such. Call me all the names you want. I don’t care. You assholes always have to label and then decide good or bad. Anal retention is strong in this crowd.

  21. I wasn’t faced with the Lauf/Foster contest myself. I would not have voted for Foster, but would have considered NOT voting for Lauf.

  22. He can’t just shoots his mouth off like he knows what he is talking about.

  23. LOFL. Porkboy is angry again. Good job Cal. You put TRUMP in the headline and the TDS trolls start foaming at the mouth.

  24. As with tRumpty – I will not vote for him. On the other hand, I’m certainly not voting for Biden either.

  25. “I’d never vote for Trump nor Biden (who is half dead)”
    “I’d support Foster over Lauf”

    All the people you criticize are conservatives; all the people you support are liberal democrats. But, NO, of course it’s wrong for us to conclude you’re a democrat.

    You’re a liberal. You reflexively support blue states and their policies. You pretend to deny that you’re a liberal democrat because the RESULTS are irrefutable. Liberals destroy everything they touch.

    I’d be embarrassed to have voted for a single democrat in my life. I did once too – I voted for the pro-life democrat who ran against George Ryan.

  26. CLM he’s a RINO. He doesn’t understand election cheating and corruption. Typical IL simp.

  27. Wrong again Chodey, CLM is the one who is fired. 24/7 rent free

  28. ““I’d support Foster over Lauf””

    Who are you quoting now?

  29. Porkboy it’s good to see a troll can recycle words posted by smarter people than the regurgitating troll. Keep it up sport. You prove what an Einstein you are on a daily basis. YouTube much? LOFL

  30. “All the people you criticize are conservatives..”

    Yes, because we keep putting up nothing burger kooks. We put up litter box candidates. We put forth and run Orange Jumpsuit Jesus worshipers, and wonder why they lose.

  31. “I’d be embarrassed to have voted for a single democrat in my life. I did once too – I voted for the pro-life democrat who ran against George Ryan.”

    #1 -notice how I used your actual quote and didn’t make one up. You faker.

    #2 – guess what? I voted for Glenn Poshard too. Unlike you though, I was NOT embarrassed to do so. I tried to sell as many on this idea as I could.

    I guess we think alike, CLM, and since you know I’m a liberal, why – OMG, you must be a liberal too!

  32. Yeh, we should put up real Republicans like Tryon, Althoff, Schaeffer, Richard Irvin, and Jack Franks (oh, wait, isn’t Jack Franks a democrat who was LOVED by those republicans?)

    Losers, all of them…but those RINOs are not the “burger kooks” or “litter box” candidates.

    You’re both Establishment liberal swamp creature who love guys like Franks, Miller, Funk, Linder, Althoff, Foster, and Tryon. Those who wallow in the cesspool swamp and get government to enrich themselves and their friends.

  33. Richard Irvin wasn’t a Republican. I never voted for the guy.

  34. Mellow Monk: I want to hear your skull crack in a vice of truth.

    The purpose of the ADL is to stop the public from discussing Jewish and Israeli crimes, like 911. Jews who commit heinous crimes like blowing up the Trade Towers so they have an excuse to bomb the shit out of the Middle East do not want you to talk about what they are doing, so they slander anyone who calls them out, they use the antisemitism canard to silence the truth about what they are doing, and even worse, what they plan on doing – to kill all the Goyim while stealing all of their money.

    Jews are not against free speech, as they practice free speech because Jews own the media. What Jews are against is free speech for you. The ADL practices free speech and everyone else can just shut the hell up. Free speech for Jews and none for you Goyim!

    When Klaus Schwab talks about you’ll own nothing he is not telling us anything new, that has been the Rabbinic plan for thousands of years, and now that Jews have total political power and can commit crimes with impunity, that is exactly what they are doing. Take Black Rock for instance, they were borrowing gobs of free Jew central bank money for near free to buy up thousands of homes to rent back to you. No sane nation would allow that, but with Jews in control of the United States, such thievery is normal and called capitalism – when it is really highway robbery by Jews to intentionally rob and hurt us.

    It is obvious Jews are the real problem, and if the United States is ever to gain sanity, they must oust Jewry from all positions of banking, finance, politics, and even religion. Yes Virginia, Jews have even managed to corrupt the Evangelical Christians, who all support Israel. Preachers are now telling their flocks to support Israel or otherwise you’ll go to hell.

  35. LOFL Koziol. You are trying to explain TRUTH to a dope addled idiot. Stop wasting your keystrokes on simp fools like Monk. He likes Chris Christie and Tim Scott for 2024.

  36. It is obvious you have a Jew problem, Kommandant K. Too bad.

  37. Who took down the towers on 912 Monk? Was it Muslims? It seems CLM knows.

  38. As with tRumpty – I will not vote for him.

    On the other hand, I’m certainly not voting for Biden either.

    So if Trump is the nominee, you are in effect voting for the Democrat by forfeit, unless you vote for a viable 3rd party candidate.

    We put forth and run Orange Jumpsuit Jesus worshipers, and wonder why they lose.

    There’s nothing wrong with worshiping Jesus!

  39. Of course Chodey it was all that thermite they found that did it. LOL. No planes even hit the buildings. LOL

    “I want to hear your skull crack in a vice of truth.” always with a violent metaphor. You’re a peach Kozy. but first you’d need to provide truth and not your Nazi propaganda, Seig Heil anonymous coward.

  40. “Porkboy it’s good to see a troll can recycle words posted by smarter people than the regurgitating troll.” Really, maybe it shows what a hypocrite you are. LOL Priceless sport.

  41. When vile racist ranting starts, I’m out.

    I hate that crap.

    That’s worse than liberalism by a factor too large to quantify.

    Stop that BS on this blog.

    You reveal yourself as the kookiest of nutballs when that rant starts.

    VILE MONSTERS think like that.

  42. WOW, CLM actually took a liberal stance. Must make you a RINO, you know because the conservatives need to label everything. Maybe there’s hope.

  43. Cult of transgenderism, now you’re talking a language some of us can get on board with

  44. Welcome to the Dark Side CLM. ONE OF US, ONE OF US!!

    Mark this date, when CLM stood up to be counted with the dirty ranks of those that eschew racism. The rest of the blog will spit at the sound of your name.

  45. Lauf?!?!?


    Are you an OF subscriber?
    She has never worked!

    Zero, nothing, nada!

    My god, at least work retail for a year.

    If you have not worked and learned what it is to soil, you are a Biden or Fedderman.

    Both having never held a F N Job, however know what’s best for the economy.

    Get the F out.

    Quit looking at Lauf as: “we’ll she is so sweet, so must know what she is talking about.”

    Get your head out of your A**.

  46. bwack bwack… chick chicken… running its peeper and running scared.. we see… lets make the cheat easier… libtard logic…

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