The True Color of Leaves Only Visible in Fall

This snippet from State Rep. Dan Ugaste reminds me of something my wife picked up on the internet:

Fall color season gets closer

With the coming of autumn, Illinois will soon be starting up its fall color season and adjacent round of autumn festivals. 

The Illinois Tourism Board’s Enjoy Illinois website will operate its fall color map showing different sections of Illinois and the color conditions in each section.

The map differentiates between Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois.

Not only the dates but also the colors differ from region to region, and even from county to county.

  • In the McHenry County area, cool evenings and dry weather have started yellowing black walnut, cottonwood, and honey locust in many places.
  • The Red and sugar maples have been starting to turn red and purple.
  • Sumac is changing to a deep red.

Different soil conditions encourage trees of different species, and some broadleaf trees and shrubs generate brighter colors than other.

In Illinois, a shrub called the smooth sumac often produces bright red roadside leaves.

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What I learned for the first time is that the true color of leaves is their fall color.

This explains it:

Leaves get their brilliant colors from pigments made up of various color-creating molecules.

“During the warm, sunny months, plants use their leaves to turn sunlight into food energy, a process called photosynthesis.

“This primarily uses a pigment that reflects green light, which gives the leaves their characteristic color.”


The True Color of Leaves Only Visible in Fall — 6 Comments

  1. Time of the seasons, yellow, the color of the MAGA cowards on this sight.

  2. Big Leaf won’t tell you that leaves can be used to make compost which will help you have a healthy and well-producing garden. What is Big Leaf? Many are part of this racket including

    -Government employees
    -Fertilizer industry
    -Retail stores
    -Mainstream media
    -Landscaping companies

    They are in cahoots and they won’t tell you the Truth.

    For composting, you need carbon rich “brown” sources and nitrogen rich “green” sources. The fallen leaves of fall are a great source of carbon, but Big Leaf doesn’t want you to know this!

  3. If you had all of the oaks I have it’s called the burn baby burn disco inferno season.

    I know Cal doesn’t agree with this since he has respiratory issues.

    1 bag to recycle up here is 2.50.

    1 match costs .01.

  4. Or your town could hire a truck to vaccum up the leaves at the edge of the road as Lakewood did back in the 1970’s.

    Now, however, the Board must be ruled by those who have few trees or rich enough to hire people to do the work for them.

  5. We have culverts up here Cal not curbs and sewers.

    Burning is the only way for everyone in my neighborhood.

    Even the crazed liberals burn and they don’t follow burning regulations unlike the non-liberals..

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