GOP Presidential Debate Watch Party in Barrington Tonight — 27 Comments

  1. No thanks. Trump is doing a speech at the same time in MI. Avelar will be licking his TV screen every time Desanctimonious is on just like Monk who swoons over Tim Scott and Fatboy Christie. All you’ll be watching is the debate for second place

  2. LOL. good one Chodey, Trump won’t even make it to the convention. He won’t be a No-Show, he’ll be a No-Thanks don’t come. Just lost another trial in NYC. Good thing he surrounds himself with all those great lawyers. I know, its all a conspiracy, just ask the Orange Chode. Looks like the Vice of Truth , as Kozy would say is tightening.

    Here’s a photo op for a chance for you to lick your screen clean. LOL

  3. tRumpty only feels safe in his own little MAGA ghetto. Where never is heard a discouraging word.

  4. Even if he was there, it would still be empty of intelligent discourse. Bombastic superlatives and insults are all he has.

  5. :Trump Voice: Steven Pokorny, or as I call him “So Corney”. Not a bright guy, not very smart. People say he doesn’t know a lot. But that’s okay, because we’re going to Make This Place a Thing Again! We’ve got the ideas, so many tremendous ideas (makes circles with hands), and it’s going to be incredible. We’re working on some very exciting programs, WHICH, we’ll tell you more about WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT! But not now, no. Now we’ll just talk about the other funny nicknames I’ve come up with. Very comically brilliant nicknames, almost everyone I talk to says I’m the Jerry Seinfeld of politics. And it’s flattering but also very true, I really am. So in conclusion, vote for me and I’ll pardon away all of my own sins and cut taxes on the upper-class. Thank you.

  6. I find it so fascinating Trump evokes so much hate.
    If you take it from a political standpoint, the LEFTIES should strongly desire Trump to be the nominee. Indictments, he lost to a demented, corrupt, failed loser who couldn’t even campaign, and Trump has high negatives. It makes no sense to hate Trump so much.

    UNLESS…Trump says what he believes, that he will end the administrative Swamp State in DC, and upset the Uniparty’s control over the country.

    So, if you’re a Swamp Creature yourself, you’ll despise Trump. Otherwise you’ll either like him or – meh, you just don’t care about him one way or the other.

    So, if you cannot stand Trump…YOU ARE THE SWAMP like a leach living off the blood of a fat-ass pig, you cannot have anyone disturb the PIG SWAMP.

  7. CLM are you that stupid.

    “I find it so fascinating Trump evokes so much hate.

    Because he panders to the racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-semitic crowd. That is his base. He stirs up the hate. Which you ignorant moron works from both sides. Get a clue.

  8. Look at all those liberal buzzwords Porkboy blurted out. Clearly he’s a victim of the MSM Mockingbirds telling him what to think. Good job CLM.


  9. Porky: His children MARRIED into Jewish families.

    Trump has hired Jewish leaders to be top in his businesses.

    None of you liberals argued he was “bigoted” or “racist” until he ran as a Republican.

    Trump was a guest to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding – along with all the celebreties weddings – for DECADES; no-one called him racist then.

    No politician called him racist.

    NOT, until he ran as a Republican.

    Run as a conservative Republican and you’re automatically tagged as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, and you want dirty water and dirty air and throw grandma off a cliff.

    That’s what you liberals do.

    Jarrod Kirschener – is he anti-semitic too?

  10. Not much of a thinker. I said he PANDERS to those people, that is his base. Learn to read.

  11. LOL, And I suppose an intellectual man like yourself isn’t, LOL
    24/7 priceless sport. Jumbo Troll

  12. Porko – you’re useless.
    I think you’re a libtard hired by the democrat machine to troll conservative websites and spew your nonsense.
    You use jujitzu logic and you live in fantasyland.
    Sure, there are 98 genders and you must be a “Zee”.
    Socialism works in your world and a 9 year old can transgender without parental approval.
    Climate Change is real; but you aren’t able to predict a SINGLE event in the future with any degree of accuracy or predictive value.
    Joe Biden got 81 million votes and there was no cheating in Chicago, Madison, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, or Pheonix.
    Aliens have landed in your backyard and taken your brain.

  13. And again you can’t read, You asked why all the hate, I answered that question, I wasn’t even talking about the merits of GOP or Dems. Stick to complaining about the festivals and parades. It’s the only thing your good at.

  14. LOFL

    6’4″ with a size 5 shoe size. I now understand why Porkboy is so bitter and angry. That 350 lbs he carries have to also add to it.

    Keep punching sport. You just make me laugh.

  15. Ah the blog. Cesspool of nutjobs and losers. Hi JT. Keep yelling at clouds on a blog run by an 81 year old. Rock on.

  16. Mass triggering of extreme trolls. Glad to give you a purpose in life.

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