Lakewood Concurs with Crystal Lake on Imposing Seaweed Tax on Big Boats

The Lakewood Village Board voted 6-0 to impose an “ecology” fee on motorboats.

This fee, a tax by another name, will more than double the cost of motorboating on Crystal Lake.

This does not seem like most fees, which are user fees.

At one point, the Crystal Lake Park Board sought to ban motor boats on the 220 acre lake.

As most understand, taxing something results in less of it.

During the debate I was surprised that one Trustee did not seem to understand that passage of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Crystal Lake would mean more than the Park District’s taking over bookkeeping duties.


Lakewood Concurs with Crystal Lake on Imposing Seaweed Tax on Big Boats — 11 Comments

  1. “Ecology Fee” = If that isn’t a Marxist money grabbing fee (tax, really) then
    this ain’t Illinois.

  2. If the uppities can afford a boat, they can afford the usage sticker.

  3. Better yet, we don’t even need to harvest/process/ship it overseas.

    We can just loose our Governor into the lake and he’ll just gobble it all up.

    Get it??!! Because he’s JEWISH!! LOFL LOFL!!

  4. Seaweed. What do Monk and Porkboy do when that happens. Find their respective bongs

  5. How about a special tax on Section 8 landlords and renters in CL.

    They’ve enriched our lives so much.

    They can afford it!!!!

  6. I’ve lived on the lake since 1988 used to be patrolled regularly and fines handed out.

    This year I personally saw st least 1/4 of the boats with no stickers and 3/4 of the kayaks and nothing was done if the lake rules were enforced and fines collected this increase would have been much less and what about all the people paying for weed removal around their docks privileged few that don’t care

  7. Many times while golfing or throwing cards, Aaron Shepley would brag how he was able to use ‘OPM’ to pay for CL improvements.

    He was a sneaky guy always twitching around nervously and someone I wouldn’t want working a cashier’s job handling cash may he rest in peace.

    *Other Peoples Money

  8. That water resource could best support some pungent industry, like meat packing or sawmill, to blend that Crystal Lake weed and evaporating urine stench the town currently has.

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