Police Ball Biter Still in Jail, Despite Democrats’ No Bail Law Release Ruling

Nicholas Koczor

A publication I have not run across before, Cardinal News, reports Nicholas M. Koczor is still in the McHenry County Jail, was he was released on a SAFE-T Act technicality.

This is the guy who hit one officer and bit and grabbed the testicles of another while being arrested on two counts of Harassment by Telephone and three counts of Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer.

A voicemail to his ex-girlfriend indicated indicated he was traveling to her home and knew how to dismember a body.


Police Ball Biter Still in Jail, Despite Democrats’ No Bail Law Release Ruling — 10 Comments

  1. This is an outrage and clearly an act of raaaaaaaacism.

    To continue and hold this human being, innocent until proven guilty, is a violation of his rights.

    Right Democrats?

  2. Shut up Steve.

    Cal, can you please proofread your posting?! I know sometimes the “citizen editor” feedback is picky but it is really hard to tell what you’re trying to convey here, and SAFE-T is a topic that gets a lot of traction here.

    Is he still in custody?

    Was it incorrectly reported that he was released from custody?

    I have to take issue here, because everyone is hot to tear the state apart over dangerous people being released due to this law.

    But if previous information was incorrect and this person is still locked away there’s no outrage to be had.

  3. I didn’t read anything regarding the suspect biting anyone’s balls?

    Get Kenneally on this Priority One as it sounds to be something he’d be extremely interested in IMO.

  4. Norm Vinton plays golf with this guy and takes him on boat rides on Lake Geneva.

    It’s sorta a mini-scandal in the SA’s office, but Kenneally says “It’s all good because no money changes hands, just coins.”

  5. now here is a real csucker.. for ya… poor cop… bet he did not expect that when he woke up in the morning to encounter this creep.. that day…

  6. LOFL…Highly intelligent IL people should be able to comprehend this and they will continue to watch the commie news network.
    In 2018 Liz Crokin confronted Jake Tapper on why CNN was refusing to cover sex trafficking.

    In 2010 Don Lemon claimed he was a victim of a pedophile when he was a kid.

    In 2020 CNN employee, Jeffrey Toobin was caught masturbating on a zoom call. He was not terminated only suspended.

    In 2021 Project Veritas published graphic texts and videos of CNN producer Rick Saleeby for the show “The Lead with Jake Tapper” fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s daughter.

    In 2021 CNN fired ex- Chris Cuomo producer after it was revealed he bragged about luring girls as young as 7 to his home for “sexual subservience” training.

    In 2023 Ex-CNN producer, John Griffin was sentenced to more than 19 years in jail for luring a 9-year-old into sex acts.

    In 2023 CNN named Mark Thompson, as its new leader. Mark Thompson is known for his mishandling of child abuse allegations against the longtime BBC children’s TV presenter Jimmy Savile, who was exposed after his death in 2011 as a pedophile.

    In 2023 CNN’s Twitter/X page was fact checked by community pages for defending pedophiles in Uganda.

    How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

  7. I agree with Slap.

    I think the original article said the perp “squeezed” the officer’s testicles.

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